This web site implements rescaled PageRank which is a new network centrality metric based on combining the classical PageRank centrality with the explicit requirement that paper score is not biased by paper age. The metric has been introduced in the paper Identification of milestone papers through time-balanced network centrality. The paper shows that rescaled PageRank can be used to fairly compare papers of different age and identifies exceptionally significant papers earlier than other metrics do. See our blog for more information.

This web site is a non-profit research project by the Theoretical Interdisciplinary Physics group at the University of Fribourg. It allows individual users to inspect the scores of papers published in journals of the American Physical Society (APS). The database now all papers published by the APS since 1893 until December 2016 — 593,443 papers in total. Majority of the data was kindly provided to us directly by the APS (it can be obtained here). Note that being constrained to the APS data can lead to an underestimation of the significance of the APS papers that are cited by many non-APS papers (and, conversely, an overestimation of the significance of the APS papers that are cited by few non-APS papers). If the opportunity arises, we will be happy to extend the data coverage to physics papers published in non-APS journals and possibly also to other research fields.

Research contributing to this web site has been supported by the European Commission (FET-Open project GROWTHCOM) and the Swiss National Science Foundation (grant No. 200020-143272).

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