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1 -0.07 0 2016/12/19 Ferromagnetism and glassiness on the surface of topological insulators C. X. Liu, B. Roy, J. D. Sau
2 -0.09 0 2016/12/13 Disorder effects in correlated topological insulators H. H. Hung, A. Barr, E. Prodan, G. A. Fiete
3 -0.09 0 2016/12/12 Interacting topological phases in thin films of topological mirror Kondo insulators R. X. Zhang, C. Xu, C. X. Liu
4 -0.09 0 2016/12/12 Comparative study of Weyl semimetal and topological/Chern insulators: Thin-film point of view Y. Yoshimura, W. Onishi, K. Kobayashi, T. Ohtsuki, K. I. Imura
5 -0.11 0 2016/11/28 Spin dynamics simulations of topological magnon insulators: From transverse current correlation functions to the family of magnon Hall effects A. Mook, J. Henk, I. Mertig
6 -0.12 0 2016/11/28 Relativistic k·p Hamiltonians for centrosymmetric topological insulators from ab initio wave functions I. A. Nechaev, E. E. Krasovskii
7 -0.13 0 2016/11/22 Temperature Effects in the Band Structure of Topological Insulators B. Monserrat, D. Vanderbilt
8 -0.13 0 2016/11/18 Conversion between spin and charge currents with topological insulators S. Zhang, A. Fert
9 -0.15 0 2016/11/14 Nonadiabatic bulk-surface oscillations in driven topological insulators M. Kolodrubetz, B. M. Fregoso, J. E. Moore
10 -0.22 0 2016/11/02 Thermoelectric effects in topological crystalline insulators B. Z. Rameshti, R. Asgari
11 -0.24 0 2016/10/27 Hourglass fermion surface states in stacked topological insulators with nonsymmorphic symmetry M. Ezawa
12 -0.24 0 2016/10/25 Topological mirror insulators in one dimension A. Lau, J. V. Brink, C. Ortix
13 -0.24 0 2016/10/21 Nuclear magnetic relaxation rates of unconventional superconductivity in doped topological insulators Y. Nagai, Y. Ota
14 -0.25 0 2016/10/21 Electromagnetic description of three-dimensional time-reversal invariant ponderable topological insulators A. Martín-Ruiz, M. Cambiaso, L. F. Urrutia
15 -0.30 0 2016/10/14 Tunneling Planar Hall Effect in Topological Insulators: Spin Valves and Amplifiers B. Scharf, A. Matos-Abiague, J. E. Han, E. M. Hankiewicz, I. Žutić
16 2.07 2 2016/10/13 Flux-Fusion Anomaly Test and Bosonic Topological Crystalline Insulators M. Hermele, X. Chen
17 -0.32 0 2016/09/30 Topological insulators in the ordered double transition metals M2MC2 MXenes (M=Mo, W; M=Ti, Zr, Hf) M. Khazaei, A. Ranjbar, M. Arai, S. Yunoki
18 -0.33 0 2016/09/28 Edge Solitons in Nonlinear-Photonic Topological Insulators D. Leykam, Y. D. Chong
19 -0.33 0 2016/09/22 Electrified magnetic catalysis in three-dimensional topological insulators E. V. Gorbar, V. A. Miransky, I. A. Shovkovy, P. O. Sukhachov
20 -0.33 0 2016/09/21 Coherent magneto-optical effects in topological insulators: Excitation near the absorption edge W. K. Tse