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81 1.20 1 2016/07/01 Massive gravitons as dark matter and gravitational waves K. Aoki, S. Mukohyama
82 1.19 19 2013/02/14 Detecting High-Frequency Gravitational Waves with Optically Levitated Sensors A. Arvanitaki, A. A. Geraci
83 1.19 37 2007/11/16 Prospects for Detection of Gravitational Waves from Intermediate-Mass-Ratio Inspirals D. A. Brown, J. Brink, H. Fang, J. R. Gair, C. Li, G. Lovelace, I. Mandel, K. S. Thorne
84 1.18 35 2009/02/23 Gravitational waves from black hole-neutron star binaries: Classification of waveforms M. Shibata, K. Kyutoku, T. Yamamoto, K. Taniguchi
85 1.18 31 2010/03/05 Constraining alternative theories of gravity by gravitational waves from precessing eccentric compact binaries with LISA K. Yagi, T. Tanaka
86 1.17 86 2003/05/30 Detecting gravitational waves from precessing binaries of spinning compact objects: Adiabatic limit A. Buonanno, Y. Chen, M. Vallisneri
87 1.14 17 2012/05/22 Lensing of 21-cm Fluctuations by Primordial Gravitational Waves L. Book, M. Kamionkowski, F. Schmidt
88 1.11 3 2015/12/29 Coherent network analysis of gravitational waves from three-dimensional core-collapse supernova models K. Hayama, T. Kuroda, K. Kotake, T. Takiwaki
89 1.09 57 1997/08/15 Accuracy of estimating the multipole moments of a massive body from the gravitational waves of a binary inspiral F. D. Ryan
90 1.08 28 2004/06/30 Analysis of first LIGO science data for stochastic gravitational waves B. Abbott, R. Abbott, R. Adhikari, A. Ageev, B. Allen, R. Amin, S. B. Anderson, W. G. Anderson, M. Araya, ..., LIGO Scientific Collaboration
91 1.07 57 1999/05/18 Gravitational waves from inspiraling compact binaries: Validity of the stationary-phase approximation to the Fourier transform S. Droz, D. J. Knapp, E. Poisson, B. J. Owen
92 1.04 25 2012/01/27 Particle production during inflation and gravitational waves detectable by ground-based interferometers J. L. Cook, L. Sorbo
93 1.03 34 2005/06/14 Erratum: Gravitational waves from inspiraling compact binaries: Energy flux to third post-Newtonian order [Phys. Rev. D 65, 064005 (2002)] L. Blanchet, B. R. Iyer, B. Joguet
94 1.03 23 2012/05/21 Gravitational waves from quasicircular extreme mass-ratio inspirals as probes of scalar-tensor theories N. Yunes, P. Pani, V. Cardoso
95 1.02 6 2015/12/22 Numerical simulations of acoustically generated gravitational waves at a first order phase transition M. Hindmarsh, S. J. Huber, K. Rummukainen, D. J. Weir
96 1.02 33 2007/01/12 Search for continuous gravitational waves: Metric of the multidetector F-statistic R. Prix
97 1.00 58 1971/09/20 Gravitational Waves in Closed Universes R. H. Gowdy
98 0.97 23 2009/10/27 Exploiting Large-Scale Correlations to Detect Continuous Gravitational Waves H. J. Pletsch, B. Allen
99 0.97 9 2014/08/01 Measuring the angular momentum distribution in core-collapse supernova progenitors with gravitational waves E. Abdikamalov, S. Gossan, A. M. DeMaio, C. D. Ott
100 0.97 51 2004/05/19 Physical template family for gravitational waves from precessing binaries of spinning compact objects: Application to single-spin binaries Y. Pan, A. Buonanno, Y. Chen, M. Vallisneri