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101 0.97 23 2008/01/23 Circular polarization of primordial gravitational waves in string-inspired inflationary cosmology M. Satoh, S. Kanno, J. Soda
102 0.96 54 1997/01/15 Detectability of inflation-produced gravitational waves M. S. Turner
103 0.95 48 2008/03/07 Search for gravitational waves from binary inspirals in S3 and S4 LIGO data B. Abbott, R. Abbott, R. Adhikari, J. Agresti, P. Ajith, B. Allen, R. Amin, S. B. Anderson, W. G. Anderson, ..., LIGO Scientific Collaboration
104 0.93 39 2004/04/30 Setting upper limits on the strength of periodic gravitational waves from PSR J1939+2134 using the first science data from the GEO 600 and LIGO detectors B. Abbott, R. Abbott, R. Adhikari, A. Ageev, B. Allen, R. Amin, S. B. Anderson, W. G. Anderson, M. Araya, ..., LIGO Scientific Collaboration
105 0.92 32 2007/09/19 Gravitational Waves from Relativistic Neutron-Star Mergers with Microphysical Equations of State R. Oechslin, H. T. Janka
106 0.92 7 2015/12/11 Gravitational waves as a probe of extended scalar sectors with the first order electroweak phase transition M. Kakizaki, S. Kanemura, T. Matsui
107 0.91 85 1995/11/15 Gravitational waves from the inspiral of a compact object into a massive, axisymmetric body with arbitrary multipole moments F. D. Ryan
108 0.89 10 2015/03/02 Measuring the speed of cosmological gravitational waves M. Raveri, C. Baccigalupi, A. Silvestri, S. Y. Zhou
109 0.87 8 2015/01/08 Searching for stochastic gravitational waves using data from the two colocated LIGO Hanford detectors J. Aasi, LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration
110 0.86 14 2005/04/12 Gravitational shock waves and their scattering in brane-induced gravity N. Kaloper
111 0.86 24 2009/09/09 How to Observe a Non-Kerr Spacetime Using Gravitational Waves T. A. Apostolatos, G. Lukes-Gerakopoulos, G. Contopoulos
112 0.84 24 1977/09/15 Evolution of time-symmetric gravitational waves: Initial data and apparent horizons K. Eppley
113 0.81 23 2013/01/02 Gravitational waves from black hole-neutron star binaries: Effective Fisher matrices and parameter estimation using higher harmonics H. S. Cho, E. Ochsner, R. O'Shaughnessy, C. Kim, C. H. Lee
114 0.80 51 2006/12/01 Measuring coalescing massive binary black holes with gravitational waves: The impact of spin-induced precession R. N. Lang, S. A. Hughes
115 0.79 15 1994/11/15 Performance of Newtonian filters in detecting gravitational waves from coalescing binaries R. Balasubramanian, S. V. Dhurandhar
116 0.79 2 2011/04/11 Pulsar timing sensitivity to very-low-frequency gravitational waves F. A. Jenet, J. W. Armstrong, M. Tinto
117 0.79 35 2007/11/16 Gravitational waves from inspiralling compact binaries: Hexagonal template placement and its efficiency in detecting physical signals T. Cokelaer
118 0.77 4 2016/01/15 Detecting relic gravitational waves by pulsar timing arrays: Effects of cosmic phase transitions and relativistic free-streaming gases X. J. Liu, W. Zhao, Y. Zhang, Z. H. Zhu
119 0.76 21 1994/11/15 Gravitational waves by compact star orbiting around rotating supermassive black holes M. Shibata
120 0.76 16 2014/01/27 Gravitational Waves from the Sound of a First Order Phase Transition M. Hindmarsh, S. J. Huber, K. Rummukainen, D. J. Weir