Papers with "topological insulators" in title

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21 5.59 73 2010/06/24 Impurity-induced states on the surface of three-dimensional topological insulators R. R. Biswas, A. V. Balatsky
22 5.53 15 2016/06/27 Particle-vortex duality of two-dimensional Dirac fermion from electric-magnetic duality of three-dimensional topological insulators M. A. Metlitski, A. Vishwanath
23 5.43 110 2010/12/16 Realistic Time-Reversal Invariant Topological Insulators with Neutral Atoms N. Goldman, I. Satija, P. Nikolic, A. Bermudez, M. A. Martin-Delgado, M. Lewenstein, I. B. Spielman
24 5.39 111 2010/01/19 Oscillatory crossover from two-dimensional to three-dimensional topological insulators C. X. Liu, H. Zhang, B. Yan, X. L. Qi, T. Frauenheim, X. Dai, Z. Fang, S. C. Zhang
25 5.13 46 2014/01/07 Density of States Scaling at the Semimetal to Metal Transition in Three Dimensional Topological Insulators K. Kobayashi, T. Ohtsuki, K. I. Imura, I. F. Herbut
26 5.02 27 2014/11/03 Spin-Electricity Conversion Induced by Spin Injection into Topological Insulators Y. Shiomi, K. Nomura, Y. Kajiwara, K. Eto, M. Novak, K. Segawa, Y. Ando, E. Saitoh
27 4.81 78 2012/01/05 Electromagnetic and gravitational responses and anomalies in topological insulators and superconductors S. Ryu, J. E. Moore, A. W. Ludwig
28 4.81 50 2013/11/27 Cubic Topological Kondo Insulators V. Alexandrov, M. Dzero, P. Coleman
29 4.51 33 2014/09/26 Scale-Invariant Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Magnetic Topological Insulators beyond the Two-Dimensional Limit X. Kou, S. T. Guo, Y. Fan, L. Pan, M. Lang, Y. Jiang, Q. Shao, T. Nie, K. Murata, ..., K. L. Wang
30 4.51 37 2013/12/11 Two types of surface states in topological crystalline insulators J. Liu, W. Duan, L. Fu
31 4.40 91 2010/04/02 Entanglement Spectrum of Topological Insulators and Superconductors L. Fidkowski
32 4.36 68 2013/08/26 Classification of topological insulators and superconductors in the presence of reflection symmetry C. K. Chiu, H. Yao, S. Ryu
33 4.27 105 2010/08/16 Topological insulators and metal-insulator transition in the pyrochlore iridates B. J. Yang, Y. B. Kim
34 4.23 70 2012/09/21 Classification and analysis of two-dimensional Abelian fractional topological insulators M. Levin, A. Stern
35 4.17 43 2009/11/13 Three-Dimensional Topological Insulators on the Pyrochlore Lattice H. M. Guo, M. Franz
36 4.14 88 2011/06/28 Inversion-symmetric topological insulators T. L. Hughes, E. Prodan, B. A. Bernevig
37 3.98 65 2006/07/26 General theorem relating the bulk topological number to edge states in two-dimensional insulators X. L. Qi, Y. S. Wu, S. C. Zhang
38 3.96 75 2012/01/30 Theory of topological Kondo insulators M. Dzero, K. Sun, P. Coleman, V. Galitski
39 3.95 50 2014/05/19 Interacting fermionic topological insulators/superconductors in three dimensions C. Wang, T. Senthil
40 3.90 130 2010/09/22 Topological defects and gapless modes in insulators and superconductors J. C. Teo, C. L. Kane