Papers by K. Yang

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 6.04 324 1995/02/15 Spontaneous interlayer coherence in double-layer quantum Hall systems: Charged vortices and Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transitions K. Moon, H. Mori, K. Yang, S. M. Girvin, A. H. Macdonald, L. Zheng, D. Yoshioka, S. C. Zhang
2 3.92 109 2010/01/04 Many-body instability of Coulomb interacting bilayer graphene: Renormalization group approach O. Vafek, K. Yang
3 2.45 147 1994/01/31 Quantum ferromagnetism and phase transitions in double-layer quantum Hall systems K. Yang, K. Moon, L. Zheng, A. H. Macdonald, S. M. Girvin, D. Yoshioka, S. C. Zhang
4 2.33 76 2006/08/25 Collective modes and skyrmion excitations in graphene SU(4) quantum Hall ferromagnets K. Yang, S. Das Sarma, A. H. Macdonald
5 1.36 69 1999/08/09 Charge-Density-Wave Ordering in Half-Filled High Landau Levels E. H. Rezayi, F. D. Haldane, K. Yang
6 1.24 6 2012/09/05 Localization of 5D Elko spinors on Minkowski branes Y. X. Liu, X. N. Zhou, K. Yang, F. W. Chen
7 1.19 17 2012/06/22 Domain wall brane in Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld gravity Y. X. Liu, K. Yang, H. Guo, Y. Zhong
8 1.08 7 2015/02/23 Entanglement entropy scaling laws and eigenstate typicality in free fermion systems H. H. Lai, K. Yang
9 1.06 69 1993/04/26 Possible spin-liquid states on the triangular and kagomé lattices K. Yang, L. K. Warman, S. M. Girvin
10 1.04 15 2013/12/16 Linear perturbations in Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld gravity K. Yang, X. L. Du, Y. X. Liu
11 1.03 69 1998/04/01 Response of a dx2-y2 superconductor to a Zeeman magnetic field K. Yang, S. L. Sondhi
12 0.94 51 2008/04/10 Fractional quantum Hall effect at ν=52: Ground states, non-Abelian quasiholes, and edge modes in a microscopic model X. Wan, Z. X. Hu, E. H. Rezayi, K. Yang
13 0.89 18 2013/03/27 Theory of unconventional quantum Hall effect in strained graphene B. Roy, Z. X. Hu, K. Yang
14 0.83 24 2012/03/20 Entanglement Entropy of Fermi Liquids via Multidimensional Bosonization W. Ding, A. Seidel, K. Yang
15 0.79 60 1997/03/03 Impurity Driven Phase Transition in the Antiferromagnetic Spin-1 Chain R. A. Hyman, K. Yang
16 0.76 38 2006/12/22 Edge Excitations and Non-Abelian Statistics in the Moore-Read State: A Numerical Study in the Presence of Coulomb Interaction and Edge Confinement X. Wan, K. Yang, E. H. Rezayi
17 0.75 77 2001/03/23 Inhomogeneous superconducting state in quasi-one-dimensional systems K. Yang
18 0.74 25 2012/03/15 Model anisotropic quantum Hall states R. Z. Qiu, F. D. Haldane, X. Wan, K. Yang, S. Yi
19 0.70 13 2013/11/19 Violation of the Entanglement Area Law in Bosonic Systems with Bose Surfaces: Possible Application to Bose Metals H. H. Lai, K. Yang, N. E. Bonesteel
20 0.69 5 2012/11/05 Emergence of cosmic space and the generalized holographic equipartition K. Yang, Y. X. Liu, Y. Q. Wang