Papers by B. Mehlig

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 10.52 4 2015/04/28 Effect of weak fluid inertia upon Jeffery orbits J. Einarsson, F. Candelier, F. Lundell, J. R. Angilella, B. Mehlig
2 4.01 25 2006/07/28 Caustic Activation of Rain Showers M. Wilkinson, B. Mehlig, V. Bezuglyy
3 3.90 10 2014/05/29 Clustering of Particles Falling in a Turbulent Flow K. Gustavsson, S. Vajedi, B. Mehlig
4 3.09 7 2014/01/08 Tumbling of Small Axisymmetric Particles in Random and Turbulent Flows K. Gustavsson, J. Einarsson, B. Mehlig
5 1.65 15 2005/12/08 Clustering by Mixing Flows K. Duncan, B. Mehlig, S. Östlund, M. Wilkinson
6 1.56 20 2003/10/23 Path coalescence transition and its applications M. Wilkinson, B. Mehlig
7 1.05 4 2014/12/22 Confined polymers in the extended de Gennes regime E. Werner, B. Mehlig
8 0.98 4 2013/02/22 Distribution of velocity gradients and rate of caustic formation in turbulent aerosols at finite Kubo numbers K. Gustavsson, B. Mehlig
9 0.83 14 2004/06/24 Coagulation by Random Velocity Fields as a Kramers Problem B. Mehlig, M. Wilkinson
10 0.78 2 2015/05/27 Role of inertia for the rotation of a nearly spherical particle in a general linear flow F. Candelier, J. Einarsson, F. Lundell, B. Mehlig, J. R. Angilella
11 0.69 11 2006/01/25 Staggered Ladder Spectra E. Arvedson, M. Wilkinson, B. Mehlig, K. Nakamura
12 0.61 6 2011/10/21 Distribution of relative velocities in turbulent aerosols K. Gustavsson, B. Mehlig
13 0.56 5 2012/10/11 Orientational correlations in confined DNA E. Werner, F. Persson, F. Westerlund, J. O. Tegenfeldt, B. Mehlig
14 0.51 1 2016/03/10 Preferential Sampling and Small-Scale Clustering of Gyrotactic Microswimmers in Turbulence K. Gustavsson, F. Berglund, P. R. Jonsson, B. Mehlig
15 0.48 2 2015/05/14 Scaling regimes of a semiflexible polymer in a rectangular channel E. Werner, B. Mehlig
16 0.27 1 2015/12/02 Extension of nanoconfined DNA: Quantitative comparison between experiment and theory V. Iarko, E. Werner, L. K. Nyberg, V. Müller, J. Fritzsche, T. Ambjörnsson, J. P. Beech, J. O. Tegenfeldt, K. Mehlig, ..., B. Mehlig
17 0.24 12 1992/01/01 Hybrid Monte Carlo method for condensed-matter systems B. Mehlig, D. W. Heermann, B. M. Forrest
18 0.16 9 2005/11/08 Aggregation of inertial particles in random flows B. Mehlig, M. Wilkinson, K. Duncan, T. Weber, M. Ljunggren
19 0.03 22 1997/01/13 Statistics of Wave Functions in Disordered and in Classically Chaotic Systems K. Müller, B. Mehlig, F. Milde, M. Schreiber
20 -0.03 21 1998/10/19 Eigenvector Statistics in Non-Hermitian Random Matrix Ensembles J. T. Chalker, B. Mehlig