Papers by Y. D. Zhu

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 0.82 42 1992/07/06 Optical excitation of quasiparticle pairs in the vortex core of high-Tc superconductors K. Karraï, E. J. Choi, F. Dunmore, S. H. Liu, H. D. Drew, Q. Li, D. B. Fenner, Y. D. Zhu, F. C. Zhang
2 -0.18 13 1995/01/01 Electronic structure of a vortex line in a type-II superconductor: Effect of atomic crystal fields Y. D. Zhu, F. C. Zhang, M. Sigrist
3 -0.20 8 1993/01/01 Chiral optical resonance of vortex core states in type-II superconductors Y. D. Zhu, F. C. Zhang, H. D. Drew