Papers by C. Fang

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 20.78 177 2015/03/17 Weyl Semimetal Phase in Noncentrosymmetric Transition-Metal Monophosphides H. Weng, C. Fang, Z. Fang, B. A. Bernevig, X. Dai
2 5.27 266 2008/06/20 Theory of electron nematic order in LaFeAsO C. Fang, H. Yao, W. F. Tsai, J. Hu, S. A. Kivelson
3 3.66 61 2012/06/27 Multi-Weyl Topological Semimetals Stabilized by Point Group Symmetry C. Fang, M. J. Gilbert, X. Dai, B. A. Bernevig
4 3.27 35 2015/08/10 Topological nodal line semimetals with and without spin-orbital coupling C. Fang, Y. Chen, H. Y. Kee, L. Fu
5 2.73 32 2014/01/27 Large-Chern-Number Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Thin-Film Topological Crystalline Insulators C. Fang, M. J. Gilbert, B. A. Bernevig
6 2.53 20 2015/04/15 New classes of three-dimensional topological crystalline insulators: Nonsymmorphic and magnetic C. Fang, L. Fu
7 2.47 50 2009/12/18 Theory of quasiparticle scattering in a two-dimensional system of helical Dirac fermions: Surface band structure of a three-dimensional topological insulator X. Zhou, C. Fang, W. F. Tsai, J. Hu
8 2.38 53 2012/09/10 Bulk topological invariants in noninteracting point group symmetric insulators C. Fang, M. J. Gilbert, B. A. Bernevig
9 2.06 24 2014/09/12 Spin-Orbit-Free Topological Insulators without Time-Reversal Symmetry A. Alexandradinata, C. Fang, M. J. Gilbert, B. A. Bernevig
10 1.82 40 2011/02/04 Spin Waves in the (π,0) Magnetically Ordered Iron Chalcogenide Fe1.05Te O. J. Lipscombe, G. F. Chen, C. Fang, T. G. Perring, D. L. Abernathy, A. D. Christianson, T. Egami, N. Wang, J. Hu, ..., P. Dai
11 1.61 28 2011/02/22 Orbital characters of bands in the iron-based superconductor BaFe1.85Co0.15As2 Y. Zhang, F. Chen, C. He, B. Zhou, B. P. Xie, C. Fang, W. F. Tsai, X. H. Chen, H. Hayashi, ..., D. L. Feng
12 1.16 34 2011/09/15 Robustness of s-Wave Pairing in Electron-Overdoped A1-yFe2-xSe2 (A=K,Cs) C. Fang, Y. L. Wu, R. Thomale, B. A. Bernevig, J. Hu
13 1.14 4 2016/06/23 Topological semimetals with triply degenerate nodal points in θ-phase tantalum nitride H. Weng, C. Fang, Z. Fang, X. Dai
14 1.08 16 2013/09/30 Theory of quasiparticle interference in mirror-symmetric two-dimensional systems and its application to surface states of topological crystalline insulators C. Fang, M. J. Gilbert, S. Y. Xu, B. A. Bernevig, M. Z. Hasan
15 0.86 5 2006/09/19 Magnetic model of the tetragonal-orthorhombic transition in the cuprates C. Fang, J. Hu, S. Kivelson, S. Brown
16 0.75 25 2013/01/14 Entanglement spectrum classification of Cn-invariant noninteracting topological insulators in two dimensions C. Fang, M. J. Gilbert, B. A. Bernevig
17 0.64 14 2013/08/06 Topological insulators with commensurate antiferromagnetism C. Fang, M. J. Gilbert, B. A. Bernevig
18 0.30 20 1992/11/23 Measurement of the mass of the τ lepton J. Z. Bai, O. Bardon, R. A. Becker-Szendy, T. H. Burnett, J. S. Campbell, S. J. Chen, S. M. Chen, Y. Q. Chen, Z. D. Cheng, ..., G. Zioulas
19 0.28 12 2011/06/24 Antiferromagnetic spin excitations in single crystals of nonsuperconducting Li1-xFeAs M. Wang, X. C. Wang, D. L. Abernathy, L. W. Harriger, H. Q. Luo, Y. Zhao, J. W. Lynn, Q. Q. Liu, C. Q. Jin, ..., P. Dai
20 0.24 18 2009/09/29 Quasiparticle scattering interference in superconducting iron pnictides Y. Y. Zhang, C. Fang, X. Zhou, K. Seo, W. F. Tsai, B. A. Bernevig, J. Hu