Papers by Z. Fang

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21 3.04 12 2015/11/16 Observation of Fermi-Arc Spin Texture in TaAs B. Q. Lv, S. Muff, T. Qian, Z. D. Song, S. M. Nie, N. Xu, P. Richard, C. E. Matt, N. C. Plumb, ..., H. Ding
22 2.51 39 2009/08/13 Electronic structures and surface states of the topological insulator Bi1xSbx H. J. Zhang, C. X. Liu, X. L. Qi, X. Y. Deng, X. Dai, S. C. Zhang, Z. Fang
23 2.30 36 2012/01/19 Crossover between Weak Antilocalization and Weak Localization in a Magnetically Doped Topological Insulator M. Liu, J. Zhang, C. Z. Chang, Z. Zhang, X. Feng, K. Li, K. He, L. L. Wang, X. Chen, ..., Y. Wang
24 2.28 61 2011/08/08 Equivalent expression of Z2 topological invariant for band insulators using the non-Abelian Berry connection R. Yu, X. L. Qi, A. Bernevig, Z. Fang, X. Dai
25 2.12 25 2011/04/14 Topological Aspect and Quantum Magnetoresistance of β-Ag2Te W. Zhang, R. Yu, W. Feng, Y. Yao, H. Weng, X. Dai, Z. Fang
26 2.04 12 2015/06/19 Quantum spin Hall effect in two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenide haeckelites S. M. Nie, Z. Song, H. Weng, Z. Fang
27 1.62 14 2015/08/19 Large linear magnetoresistance in Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 with Fermi surfaces close to the Dirac points J. Feng, Y. Pang, D. Wu, Z. Wang, H. Weng, J. Li, X. Dai, Z. Fang, Y. Shi, ..., L. Lu
28 1.54 35 2011/03/16 Electron-hole asymmetry in the superconductivity of doped BaFe2As2 seen via the rigid chemical-potential shift in photoemission M. Neupane, P. Richard, Y. M. Xu, K. Nakayama, T. Sato, T. Takahashi, A. V. Federov, G. Xu, X. Dai, ..., H. Ding
29 1.51 57 2006/07/14 Berry-Phase Effect in Anomalous Thermoelectric Transport D. Xiao, Y. Yao, Z. Fang, Q. Niu
30 1.41 6 2015/11/24 Two-dimensional oxide topological insulator with iron-pnictide superconductor LiFeAs structure Q. Xu, Z. Song, S. Nie, H. Weng, Z. Fang, X. Dai
31 1.40 3 2016/05/10 Evidence for Topological Edge States in a Large Energy Gap near the Step Edges on the Surface of ZrTe5 R. Wu, J. Z. Ma, S. M. Nie, L. X. Zhao, X. Huang, J. X. Yin, B. B. Fu, P. Richard, G. F. Chen, ..., S. H. Pan
32 1.14 4 2016/06/23 Topological semimetals with triply degenerate nodal points in θ-phase tantalum nitride H. Weng, C. Fang, Z. Fang, X. Dai
33 1.10 36 2008/07/31 Even Parity, Orbital Singlet, and Spin Triplet Pairing for Superconducting LaFeAsO1-xFx X. Dai, Z. Fang, Y. Zhou, F. C. Zhang
34 1.07 74 2000/04/03 Phase Diagram of Tetragonal Manganites Z. Fang, I. V. Solovyev, K. Terakura
35 0.91 3 2016/06/15 Emergence of topological bands on the surface of ZrSnTe crystal R. Lou, J. Z. Ma, Q. N. Xu, B. B. Fu, L. Y. Kong, Y. G. Shi, P. Richard, H. M. Weng, Z. Fang, ..., S. C. Wang
36 0.87 63 2001/06/22 Magnetic phase diagram of Ca2-xSrxRuO4 governed by structural distortions Z. Fang, K. Terakura
37 0.84 47 2004/01/30 Orbital-dependent phase control in Ca2-xSrxRuO4 (0<~x<~0.5) Z. Fang, N. Nagaosa, K. Terakura
38 0.84 2 2016/05/02 Realization of chiral symmetry breaking and restoration in holographic QCD K. Chelabi, Z. Fang, M. Huang, D. Li, Y. L. Wu
39 0.74 34 2009/02/17 Local density approximation combined with Gutzwiller method for correlated electron systems: Formalism and applications X. Deng, L. Wang, X. Dai, Z. Fang
40 0.62 13 2014/07/24 Time-reversal-invariant topological superconductivity in doped Weyl semimetals P. Hosur, X. Dai, Z. Fang, X. L. Qi