Papers by Z. Fang

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101 -0.47 2 1998/05/15 Electron-momentum spectroscopy of crystal silicon Z. Fang, R. S. Matthews, S. Utteridge, M. Vos, S. A. Canney, X. Guo, I. E. Mccarthy, E. Weigold
102 -0.47 4 2009/09/09 Signal photon flux and background noise in a coupling electromagnetic detecting system for high-frequency gravitational waves F. Li, N. Yang, Z. Fang, R. M. Baker, G. V. Stephenson, H. Wen
103 -0.47 1 2000/09/13 Measurement of charge-transfer-rate coefficients of ground-state He+ with N2 and CH4 at electron-volt energies Z. Fang, D. Chen, V. H. Kwong
104 -0.48 0 2010/08/03 Color-changeable properties of plasmonic waveguides based on Se-doped CdS nanoribbons Z. Fang, S. Huang, Y. Lu, A. Pan, F. Lin, X. Zhu
105 -0.51 2 2009/04/23 Fast impurity solver based on Gutzwiller variational approach J. N. Zhuang, L. Wang, Z. Fang, X. Dai
106 -0.53 0 2011/03/31 Characteristics of charge density waves on the surfaces of quasi-one-dimensional charge-transfer complex layered organic crystals F. Lin, X. Huang, S. Qu, Z. Fang, S. Huang, W. Song, X. Zhu, Z. Liu
107 -0.57 0 2008/01/14 Bond-Counting Rule for Carbon and its Application to the Roughness of Diamond (001) H. X. Yang, L. F. Xu, Z. Fang, C. Z. Gu, S. B. Zhang
108 -0.58 0 2012/05/22 Transport properties of HfO2x based resistive-switching memories Z. Wang, H. Yu, X. A. Tran, Z. Fang, J. Wang, H. Su
109 -0.60 0 2010/07/28 Eliminating ultraviolet optical absorption through Fe-impurity engineering: Ab initio study of the nonlinear optical crystal K2Al2B2O7 Z. S. Lin, L. F. Xu, L. Liu, J. Xu, M. H. Lee, Z. Fang, C. T. Chen
110 -0.61 0 2010/07/20 Atomic spatial coherence with spontaneous emission in a strong-coupling cavity Z. Fang, R. Guo, X. Zhou, X. Chen
111 -0.64 1 2015/03/31 Thermodynamics of the αγ transition in cerium studied by an LDA + Gutzwiller method M. F. Tian, H. F. Song, H. F. Liu, C. Wang, Z. Fang, X. Dai
112 -0.65 0 2014/05/14 Electromagnetic response produced by interaction of high-frequency gravitational waves from braneworld with galactic-extragalactic magnetic fields H. Wen, F. Li, Z. Fang
113 -0.69 0 2004/12/07 Perturbative approach for the dynamics of the quantum Zeno subspaces Y. X. Chen, Z. Fang