Papers by M. Cohen

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 3.55 248 1956/06/01 Energy Spectrum of the Excitations in Liquid Helium R. P. Feynman, M. Cohen
2 0.55 38 1957/07/01 Theory of Inelastic Scattering of Cold Neutrons from Liquid Helium M. Cohen, R. P. Feynman
3 0.24 20 1963/05/15 Rate of Capture of Electrons Injected into Superconducting Lead A. Rothwar, M. Cohen
4 0.19 25 1973/10/01 Structure of the Surface of Liquid He4 at Zero Temperature C. C. Chang, M. Cohen
5 0.15 3 2010/04/14 Calculation of exchange energies using algebraic perturbation theory B. L. Burrows, A. Dalgarno, M. Cohen
6 0.05 13 1973/12/01 Bound State of a He3 Atom in Surface of Liquid He4 C. C. Chang, M. Cohen
7 0.04 8 2010/09/24 Momentum flow in black-hole binaries. II. Numerical simulations of equal-mass, head-on mergers with antiparallel spins G. Lovelace, Y. Chen, M. Cohen, J. D. Kaplan, D. Keppel, K. D. Matthews, D. A. Nichols, M. A. Scheel, U. Sperhake
8 -0.01 3 2005/09/27 Exact solutions for perturbed confined hydrogen atoms: Polarizabilities and nuclear shielding factors B. L. Burrows, M. Cohen
9 -0.13 5 1996/11/01 Dielectronic recombination and excitation autoionization rate coefficients for potassiumlike Mo23+ to fluorinelike Mo33+ K. B. Fournier, M. Cohen, W. H. Goldstein, A. L. Osterheld, M. Finkenthal, M. J. May, J. L. Terry, M. A. Gra, J. Rice
10 -0.14 1 1996/10/01 Single-mode selection and axial mode control in a free-electron maser oscillator using a prebunched electron beam M. Cohen, A. Eichenbaum, H. Kleinman, D. Chairman, A. Gover
11 -0.14 12 1956/01/15 Infrared Absorption of Indium Antimonide E. Blount, J. Callaway, M. Cohen, W. Dumke, J. Phillips
12 -0.15 5 1995/05/08 Masing and Single-Mode Locking in a Free-Electron Maser Employing Prebunched Electron Beam M. Cohen, A. Eichenbaum, M. Arbel, D. Ben-Haim, H. Kleinman, M. Draznin, A. Kugel, I. M. Yacover, A. Gover
13 -0.15 18 1975/02/01 Microscopic theory of surface excitations in superfluid He4 C. C. Chang, M. Cohen
14 -0.16 11 1973/03/01 Statistical Mechanics of a Simple Model of a Displacive Ferroelectric M. Cohen, T. L. Einstein
15 -0.23 4 1963/07/01 On the Orthogonality Problem for Excited States M. Cohen, A. Dalgarno
16 -0.24 2 2012/11/30 Asymptotic exchange energies for H2 B. L. Burrows, A. Dalgarno, M. Cohen
17 -0.28 11 1960/04/01 Relation between Inelastic Neutron Scattering and Thermodynamic Functions of Liquid Helium M. Cohen
18 -0.29 14 1990/01/15 Scaling of negative moments of the growth probability of diffusion-limited aggregates A. B. Harris, M. Cohen
19 -0.32 3 1997/12/01 Dielectronic recombination rates in H-like Ar17+ to Ne-like Ar8+ K. B. Fournier, M. Cohen, W. H. Goldstein
20 -0.38 0 1980/04/01 Comment on "Observation of oscillatory (interference?) structure in the forward peak from fast-projectile electron loss" J. I. Gersten, M. Cohen