Papers by S. Tewari

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 17.79 493 2010/01/27 Generic New Platform for Topological Quantum Computation Using Semiconductor Heterostructures J. D. Sau, R. M. Lutchyn, S. Tewari, S. Das Sarma
2 7.65 152 2010/12/09 Non-Abelian quantum order in spin-orbit-coupled semiconductors: Search for topological Majorana particles in solid-state systems J. D. Sau, S. Tewari, R. M. Lutchyn, T. D. Stanescu, S. Das Sarma
3 6.46 74 2013/12/05 Axionic field theory of (3+1)-dimensional Weyl semimetals P. Goswami, S. Tewari
4 6.44 92 2007/01/05 Quantum Computation using Vortices and Majorana Zero Modes of a px+ipy Superfluid of Fermionic Cold Atoms S. Tewari, S. Das Sarma, C. Nayak, C. Zhang, P. Zoller
5 6.43 119 2006/06/13 Proposal to stabilize and detect half-quantum vortices in strontium ruthenate thin films: Non-Abelian braiding statistics of vortices in a px+ipy superconductor S. Das Sarma, C. Nayak, S. Tewari
6 5.37 150 2008/10/17 px+ipy Superfluid from s-Wave Interactions of Fermionic Cold Atoms C. Zhang, S. Tewari, R. M. Lutchyn, S. Das Sarma
7 5.16 106 2011/11/04 BCS-BEC Crossover and Topological Phase Transition in 3D Spin-Orbit Coupled Degenerate Fermi Gases M. Gong, S. Tewari, C. Zhang
8 2.97 36 2006/02/02 Blue Quantum Fog: Chiral Condensation in Quantum Helimagnets S. Tewari, D. Belitz, T. R. Kirkpatrick
9 2.88 65 2012/10/10 Topological Invariants for Spin-Orbit Coupled Superconductor Nanowires S. Tewari, J. D. Sau
10 2.55 58 2010/11/19 Universal quantum computation in a semiconductor quantum wire network J. D. Sau, S. Tewari, S. Das Sarma
11 2.41 43 2007/07/16 Index Theorem for the Zero Modes of Majorana Fermion Vortices in Chiral p-Wave Superconductors S. Tewari, S. Das Sarma, D. H. Lee
12 1.88 37 2008/01/17 Testable Signatures of Quantum Nonlocality in a Two-Dimensional Chiral p-Wave Superconductor S. Tewari, C. Zhang, S. Das Sarma, C. Nayak, D. H. Lee
13 1.70 54 2010/09/27 Robustness of Majorana fermions in proximity-induced superconductors J. D. Sau, R. M. Lutchyn, S. Tewari, S. Das Sarma
14 1.55 34 2010/11/16 Non-Abelian topological order in noncentrosymmetric superconductors with broken time-reversal symmetry P. Ghosh, J. D. Sau, S. Tewari, S. Das Sarma
15 1.36 41 2011/09/12 Controlling non-Abelian statistics of Majorana fermions in semiconductor nanowires J. D. Sau, D. J. Clarke, S. Tewari
16 1.26 27 2012/02/14 Experimental and materials considerations for the topological superconducting state in electron- and hole-doped semiconductors: Searching for non-Abelian Majorana modes in 1D nanowires and 2D heterostructures J. D. Sau, S. Tewari, S. Das Sarma
17 1.18 22 2015/03/12 Majorana fermions in chiral topological ferromagnetic nanowires E. Dumitrescu, B. Roberts, S. Tewari, J. D. Sau, S. D. Sarma
18 1.12 6 2015/10/12 Optical activity as a test for dynamic chiral magnetic effect of Weyl semimetals P. Goswami, G. Sharma, S. Tewari
19 1.11 23 2012/07/05 Topological minigap in quasi-one-dimensional spin-orbit-coupled semiconductor Majorana wires S. Tewari, T. D. Stanescu, J. D. Sau, S. Das Sarma
20 0.89 31 1999/10/01 Statistics of shear-induced rearrangements in a two-dimensional model foam S. Tewari, D. Schiemann, D. J. Durian, C. M. Knobler, S. A. Langer, A. J. Liu