Papers by L. Fu

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
61 -0.06 0 2016/12/29 Teleportation-based quantum information processing with Majorana zero modes S. Vijay, L. Fu
62 -0.08 0 2016/12/16 Suppression of Superfluid Density and the Pseudogap State in the Cuprates by Impurities U. Erdenemunkh, B. Koopman, L. Fu, K. Chatterjee, W. D. Wise, G. D. Gu, E. W. Hudson, M. C. Boyer
63 -0.10 5 2012/07/24 Pair superfluid and supersolid of correlated hard-core bosons on a triangular lattice H. C. Jiang, L. Fu, C. Xu
64 -0.10 12 1993/06/15 Electrical response of heterogeneous systems of clustered inclusions L. Fu, L. Resca
65 -0.11 3 1996/02/01 Exact treatment of the electrostatic interactions and surface effects in electrorheological fluids L. Fu, L. Resca
66 -0.12 6 2013/09/30 Anomalous supercurrent from Majorana states in topological insulator Josephson junctions A. C. Potter, L. Fu
67 -0.13 16 2002/05/16 Quantum step heights in hysteresis loops of molecular magnets J. Liu, B. Wu, L. Fu, R. B. Diener, Q. Niu
68 -0.15 3 1994/12/01 Electrical response of heterogeneous systems containing inclusions with permanent multipoles L. Fu, L. Resca
69 -0.16 1 1994/12/01 Electrical response of heterogeneous systems and Debye’s problem L. Fu, L. Resca
70 -0.19 7 1994/03/01 Electrical response of heterogeneous systems with inclusions of arbitrary structure L. Fu, L. Resca
71 -0.20 3 2015/02/27 Electrically tunable quantum spin Hall state in topological crystalline insulator thin films J. Liu, L. Fu
72 -0.20 0 2016/11/10 Odd-parity superconductors with two-component order parameters: Nematic and chiral, full gap, and Majorana node J. W. Venderbos, V. Kozii, L. Fu
73 -0.23 0 2016/11/01 Multiple charge density wave states at the surface of TbTe3 L. Fu, A. M. Kraft, B. Sharma, M. Singh, P. Walmsley, I. R. Fisher, M. C. Boyer
74 -0.25 3 1995/10/15 Optical response of arbitrary clusters of structured particles L. Fu, L. Resca
75 -0.25 2 1995/12/04 Comment on "Optical Response of Arrays of Spheres from the Theory of Hypercomplex Variables" L. Fu, L. Resca
76 -0.25 0 2008/09/10 Synthesis of transmission line models for metamaterial slabs at optical frequencies L. Fu, H. Schweizer, H. Guo, N. Liu, H. Giessen
77 -0.27 3 1998/03/15 Hartree-Fock approach to macroscopic polarization: Dielectric constant and dynamical charges of KNbO3 L. Fu, E. Yaschenko, L. Resca, R. Resta
78 -0.27 3 2014/02/26 Loops, sign structures, and emergent Fermi statistics in three-dimensional quantum dimer models V. Ivanov, Y. Qi, L. Fu
79 -0.30 3 1997/11/01 Nonlinear response of composite materials containing coated spheres: Giant enhancement due to the particle structure and distribution L. Fu, L. Resca
80 -0.32 5 2013/05/20 Interaction-induced merging of Dirac points in non-Abelian optical lattices L. Wang, L. Fu