Papers by L. Fu

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
81 -0.32 9 2011/04/21 Geometric phases and competing orders in two dimensions L. Fu, S. Sachdev, C. Xu
82 -0.34 0 2016/06/08 Inner-shell electron effects in strong-field double ionization of Xe Z. Yuan, D. Ye, J. Liu, L. Fu
83 -0.36 1 1997/01/13 Comment on “Aggregation, Fragmentation, and the Nonlinear Dynamics of Electrorheological Fluids in Oscillatory Shear” L. Fu, L. Resca
84 -0.36 0 2016/08/23 Interaction-Driven Spontaneous Quantum Hall Effect on a Kagome Lattice W. Zhu, S. S. Gong, T. S. Zeng, L. Fu, D. N. Sheng
85 -0.37 1 2011/12/01 Mode coupling and interaction in a plasmonic microcavity with resonant mirrors L. Fu, P. Schau, K. Frenner, W. Osten, T. Weiss, H. Schweizer, H. Giessen
86 -0.38 5 2006/05/08 Quantum resonance and antiresonance for a periodically kicked Bose-Einstein condensate in a one-dimensional box D. Poletti, L. Fu, J. Liu, B. Li
87 -0.39 5 2002/05/08 Alternative fidelity measure between two states of an N-state quantum system J. L. Chen, L. Fu, A. A. Ungar, X. G. Zhao
88 -0.39 3 1997/06/15 Electronic structure and wave functions of interface states in HgTe-CdTe quantum wells and superlattices M. Fornari, H. H. Chen, L. Fu, R. D. Graft, D. J. Lohrmann, S. Moroni, G. P. Parravicini, L. Resca, M. A. Stroscio
89 -0.40 6 2002/01/11 Geometric observation for Bures fidelity between two states of a qubit J. L. Chen, L. Fu, A. A. Ungar, X. G. Zhao
90 -0.40 0 2016/01/28 Origin of a superlattice observed in Li0.9Mo6O17 by scanning tunneling microscopy L. Fu, A. M. Kraft, M. Greenblatt, M. C. Boyer
91 -0.41 0 2015/08/19 Dynamical coupling of electrons and nuclei for Coulomb explosion of argon trimers in intense laser fields X. Xie, C. Wu, Z. Yuan, D. Ye, P. Wang, Y. Deng, L. Fu, J. Liu, Y. Liu, ..., Q. Gong
92 -0.41 0 2012/05/04 Expression for the granular elastic energy Y. Jiang, H. Zheng, Z. Peng, L. Fu, S. Song, Q. Sun, M. Mayer, M. Liu
93 -0.42 2 1995/03/01 Electrical response of heterogeneous systems of nonlinear inclusions L. Fu
94 -0.42 2 2014/11/17 Electronic structure of the quantum spin Hall parent compound CdTe and related topological issues J. Ren, G. Bian, L. Fu, C. Liu, T. Wang, G. Zha, W. Jie, M. Neupane, T. Miller, ..., T. C. Chiang
95 -0.43 3 1998/07/15 Macroscopic polarization as a discrete Berry phase of the Hartree-Fock wave function: The single-point limit E. Yaschenko, L. Fu, L. Resca, R. Resta
96 -0.46 2 1999/01/01 Point defects of a three-dimensional vector order parameter Y. Duan, H. Zhang, L. Fu
97 -0.50 1 2002/04/01 Degree of entanglement for two qubits J. L. Chen, L. Fu, A. A. Ungar, X. G. Zhao
98 -0.55 1 2015/06/23 Intensity-dependent two-electron emission dynamics with orthogonally polarized two-color laser fields Z. Yuan, D. Ye, Q. Xia, J. Liu, L. Fu
99 -0.56 1 2015/09/15 Scaling Laws of the Two-Electron Sum-Energy Spectrum in Strong-Field Double Ionization D. Ye, M. Li, L. Fu, J. Liu, Q. Gong, Y. Liu, J. Ullrich
100 -0.57 0 1997/09/01 Comparison between the Torquato-Rintoul bounds for the interface effect in composite media and elementary results L. Fu, L. Resca