Papers by L. Fu

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101 -0.64 0 2014/05/19 Thermodynamics of Lithium Storage at Abrupt Junctions: Modeling and Experimental Evidence L. Fu, C. C. Chen, D. Samuelis, J. Maier
102 -0.64 0 2015/06/01 Spectroscopic studies of CdTe(111) bulk and surface electronic structure J. Ren, L. Fu, G. Bian, M. Wong, T. Wang, G. Zha, W. Jie, T. Miller, M. Z. Hasan, ..., T. C. Chiang
103 -0.64 0 2014/05/21 Optical anisotropies of single-meander plasmonic metasurfaces analyzed by Mueller matrix spectroscopy A. Berrier, B. Gompf, L. Fu, T. Weiss, H. Schweizer