Papers by N. L. Wang

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1 25.69 324 2008/06/16 Superconductivity at 41 K and Its Competition with Spin-Density-Wave Instability in Layered CeO1-xFxFeAs G. F. Chen, Z. Li, D. Wu, G. Li, W. Z. Hu, J. Dong, P. Zheng, J. L. Luo, N. L. Wang
2 5.00 79 2010/03/29 Observation of Dirac Cone Electronic Dispersion in BaFe2As2 P. Richard, K. Nakayama, T. Sato, M. Neupane, Y. M. Xu, J. H. Bowen, G. F. Chen, J. L. Luo, N. L. Wang, ..., T. Takahashi
3 4.41 114 2008/12/18 Origin of the Spin Density Wave Instability in AFe2As2 (A=Ba,Sr) as Revealed by Optical Spectroscopy W. Z. Hu, J. Dong, G. Li, Z. Li, P. Zheng, G. F. Chen, J. L. Luo, N. L. Wang
4 4.13 87 2009/07/23 Band Structure and Fermi Surface of an Extremely Overdoped Iron-Based Superconductor KFe2As2 T. Sato, K. Nakayama, Y. Sekiba, P. Richard, Y. M. Xu, S. Souma, T. Takahashi, G. F. Chen, J. L. Luo, ..., H. Ding
5 4.03 85 2008/10/03 Spin and lattice structures of single-crystalline SrFe2As2 J. Zhao, W. Ratcli, J. W. Lynn, G. F. Chen, J. L. Luo, N. L. Wang, J. Hu, P. Dai
6 3.85 75 2009/07/13 Fermi Surface Topology and Low-Lying Quasiparticle Dynamics of Parent Fe1+xTe/Se Superconductor Y. Xia, D. Qian, L. Wray, D. Hsieh, G. F. Chen, J. L. Luo, N. L. Wang, M. Z. Hasan
7 3.37 56 2008/12/09 Transport and anisotropy in single-crystalline SrFe2As2 and A0.6K0.4Fe2As2 (A=Sr, Ba) superconductors G. F. Chen, Z. Li, J. Dong, G. Li, W. Z. Hu, X. D. Zhang, X. H. Song, P. Zheng, N. L. Wang, ..., J. L. Luo
8 3.25 11 2015/10/22 Magnetoinfrared Spectroscopy of Landau Levels and Zeeman Splitting of Three-Dimensional Massless Dirac Fermions in ZrTe5 R. Y. Chen, Z. G. Chen, X. Y. Song, J. A. Schneeloch, G. D. Gu, F. Wang, N. L. Wang
9 3.11 87 2008/10/14 Low Energy Spin Waves and Magnetic Interactions in SrFe2As2 J. Zhao, D. X. Yao, S. Li, T. Hong, Y. Chen, S. Chang, W. Ratcli, J. W. Lynn, H. A. Mook, ..., P. Dai
10 2.66 64 2008/11/10 Momentum dependence of superconducting gap, strong-coupling dispersion kink, and tightly bound Cooper pairs in the high-Tc (Sr,Ba)1x(K,Na)xFe2As2 superconductors L. Wray, D. Qian, D. Hsieh, Y. Xia, L. Li, J. G. Checkelsky, A. Pasupathy, K. K. Gomes, C. V. Parker, ..., M. Z. Hasan
11 2.41 52 2009/07/14 Superconducting state coexisting with a phase-separated static magnetic order in (Ba,K)Fe2As2, (Sr,Na)Fe2As2, and CaFe2As2 T. Goko, A. A. Aczel, E. Baggio-Saitovitch, S. L. Bud'Ko, P. C. Canfield, J. P. Carlo, G. F. Chen, P. Dai, A. C. Hamann, ..., Y. J. Uemura
12 2.40 20 2015/08/05 Optical spectroscopy study of the three-dimensional Dirac semimetal ZrTe5 R. Y. Chen, S. J. Zhang, J. A. Schneeloch, C. Zhang, Q. Li, G. D. Gu, N. L. Wang
13 2.35 56 2009/04/28 Electronic properties of single-crystalline Fe1.05Te and Fe1.03Se0.30Te0.70 G. F. Chen, Z. G. Chen, J. Dong, W. Z. Hu, G. Li, X. D. Zhang, P. Zheng, J. L. Luo, N. L. Wang
14 2.26 35 2007/07/13 Semimetal-to-Semimetal Charge Density Wave Transition in 1T-TiSe2 G. Li, W. Z. Hu, D. Qian, D. Hsieh, M. Z. Hasan, E. Morosan, R. J. Cava, N. L. Wang
15 2.22 59 2009/07/09 Structural and magnetic phase transitions in Na1δFeAs S. Li, C. De La Cruz, Q. Huang, G. F. Chen, T. L. Xia, J. L. Luo, N. L. Wang, P. Dai
16 2.09 34 2009/06/04 Multiple Phase Transitions in Single-Crystalline Na1-δFeAs G. F. Chen, W. Z. Hu, J. L. Luo, N. L. Wang
17 2.02 50 2010/03/25 Optical investigations of the normal and superconducting states reveal two electronic subsystems in iron pnictides D. Wu, N. Barišić, P. Kallina, A. Faridian, B. Gorshunov, N. Drichko, L. J. Li, X. Lin, G. H. Cao, ..., M. Dressel
18 1.91 45 2009/07/24 Electronic structure of the BaFe2As2 family of iron-pnictide superconductors M. Yi, D. H. Lu, J. G. Analytis, J. H. Chu, S. K. Mo, R. H. He, R. G. Moore, X. J. Zhou, G. F. Chen, ..., Z. X. Shen
19 1.85 42 2008/08/21 Magnetic order of the iron spins in NdFeAsO Y. Chen, J. W. Lynn, J. Li, G. Li, G. F. Chen, J. L. Luo, N. L. Wang, P. Dai, C. Dela Cruz, ..., H. A. Mook
20 1.69 46 2008/07/31 Superconducting Properties of the Fe-Based Layered Superconductor LaFeAsO0.9F0.1-δ G. F. Chen, Z. Li, G. Li, J. Zhou, D. Wu, J. Dong, W. Z. Hu, P. Zheng, Z. J. Chen, ..., N. L. Wang