Papers by G. Khaliullin

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 10.78 213 2010/07/09 Kitaev-Heisenberg Model on a Honeycomb Lattice: Possible Exotic Phases in Iridium Oxides A2IrO3 J. Chaloupka, G. Jackeli, G. Khaliullin
2 7.01 82 2013/02/28 Zigzag Magnetic Order in the Iridium Oxide Na2IrO3 J. Chaloupka, G. Jackeli, G. Khaliullin
3 5.17 112 2012/04/23 Magnetic Excitation Spectra of Sr2IrO4 Probed by Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering: Establishing Links to Cuprate Superconductors J. Kim, D. Casa, M. H. Upton, T. Gog, Y. J. Kim, J. F. Mitchell, M. Van Veenendaal, M. Daghofer, J. Van Den Brink, ..., B. J. Kim
4 3.74 341 2009/01/06 Mott Insulators in the Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling Limit: From Heisenberg to a Quantum Compass and Kitaev Models G. Jackeli, G. Khaliullin
5 2.77 17 2015/07/13 Hidden symmetries of the extended Kitaev-Heisenberg model: Implications for the honeycomb-lattice iridates A2IrO3 J. Chaloupka, G. Khaliullin
6 2.53 66 2008/01/10 Orbital Order and Possible Superconductivity in LaNiO3/LaMO3 Superlattices J. Chaloupka, G. Khaliullin
7 2.26 62 2009/06/29 Turning a Nickelate Fermi Surface into a Cupratelike One through Heterostructuring P. Hansmann, X. Yang, A. Toschi, G. Khaliullin, O. K. Andersen, K. Held
8 1.98 34 2012/10/10 Large Spin-Wave Energy Gap in the Bilayer Iridate Sr3Ir2O7: Evidence for Enhanced Dipolar Interactions Near the Mott Metal-Insulator Transition J. Kim, A. H. Said, D. Casa, M. H. Upton, T. Gog, M. Daghofer, G. Jackeli, J. Van Den Brink, G. Khaliullin, ..., B. J. Kim
9 1.79 25 2013/11/05 Excitonic Magnetism in Van Vleck–type d4 Mott Insulators G. Khaliullin
10 1.76 136 2000/10/30 Orbital Liquid in Three-Dimensional Mott Insulator: LaTiO3 G. Khaliullin, S. Maekawa
11 1.57 89 2001/04/23 Spin Order due to Orbital Fluctuations: Cubic Vanadates G. Khaliullin, P. Horsch, A. M. Oleś
12 1.45 76 2003/12/16 Magnetic Neutron Scattering Study of YVO3: Evidence for an Orbital Peierls State C. Ulrich, G. Khaliullin, J. Sirker, M. Reehuis, M. Ohl, S. Miyasaka, Y. Tokura, B. Keimer
13 1.37 30 2012/10/17 Magnetic Couplings, Optical Spectra, and Spin-Orbit Exciton in 5d Electron Mott Insulator Sr2IrO4 B. H. Kim, G. Khaliullin, B. I. Min
14 1.26 61 2004/10/01 Spin-Controlled Mott-Hubbard Bands in LaMnO3 Probed by Optical Ellipsometry N. N. Kovaleva, A. V. Boris, C. Bernhard, A. Kulakov, A. Pimenov, A. M. Balbashov, G. Khaliullin, B. Keimer
15 1.17 45 2001/11/13 Order from disorder: Quantum spin gap in magnon spectra of LaTiO3 G. Khaliullin
16 1.12 116 1999/12/13 Charge and Orbital Order in Half-Doped Manganites J. Van Den Brink, G. Khaliullin, D. Khomskii
17 1.12 19 2011/08/02 Effects of spin vacancies on magnetic properties of the Kitaev-Heisenberg model F. Trousselet, G. Khaliullin, P. Horsch
18 1.00 67 2005/12/21 Fingerprints of spin-orbital physics in cubic Mott insulators: Magnetic exchange interactions and optical spectral weights A. M. Oleś, G. Khaliullin, P. Horsch, L. F. Feiner
19 0.96 28 2011/07/12 Theory of resonant inelastic x-ray scattering in iridium oxide compounds: Probing spin-orbit-entangled ground states and excitations L. J. Ament, G. Khaliullin, J. Van Den Brink
20 0.94 41 2002/09/25 Magnetic Order and Dynamics in an Orbitally Degenerate Ferromagnetic Insulator C. Ulrich, G. Khaliullin, S. Okamoto, M. Reehuis, A. Ivanov, H. He, Y. Taguchi, Y. Tokura, B. Keimer