Papers by G. R. Harrison

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 0.18 6 1925/08/01 Line Breadths and Absorption Probabilities in Sodium Vapor G. R. Harrison, J. C. Slater
2 0.13 6 1925/06/01 Experimental Determination of Relative Transition Probabilities in the Sodium Atom G. R. Harrison
3 -0.03 5 1924/11/01 Series Limit Absorption in Sodium Vapor G. R. Harrison
4 -0.05 6 1940/01/01 Zeeman Effects in Complex Spectra at Fields up to 100,000 Gauss G. R. Harrison, F. Bitter
5 -0.06 2 1931/09/01 Spectral Fluorescence Efficiencies of certain Substances with Applications to Heterochromatic Photographic Photometry G. R. Harrison, P. A. Leighton
6 -0.09 4 1942/02/01 First Spark Spectrum of Neodymium—Preliminary Classification and Zeeman Effect Data W. E. Albertson, G. R. Harrison, J. R. Mcnally
7 -0.12 8 1941/11/15 Zeeman Effect Data and Preliminary Classification of the Spark Spectrum of Praseodymium—Pr II N. Rosen, G. R. Harrison, J. R. Mcnally
8 -0.15 3 1937/12/15 Preliminary Analysis of the First Spark Spectrum of Cerium—Ce II W. E. Albertson, G. R. Harrison
9 -0.16 7 1931/08/15 Intensity Summation Rules and Perturbation Effects in Complex Spectra G. R. Harrison, M. H. Johnson
10 -0.22 7 1955/11/01 K-Series Fluorescence Yields of Argon, Copper-65, and Indium-113 G. R. Harrison, R. C. Crawford, J. I. Hopkins
11 -0.25 0 1930/08/15 fluorescent dry plates for photographic photometry G. R. Harrison, P. A. Leighton
12 -0.25 3 1936/02/01 The Ultraviolet Spectrum of Ammonia. II. The Rotational Structure of Some Bands in the Schumann Region A. B. Duncan, G. R. Harrison
13 -0.27 2 1940/10/15 Zeeman Effects in the Arc Spectrum of Ruthenium G. R. Harrison, J. R. Mcnally
14 -0.36 1 1940/11/15 Interactions in the Tungsten Atom, W I, in a Magnetic Field J. H. Roberson, J. E. Mack, G. R. Harrison
15 -0.39 4 1960/01/15 Differential and Total Cross Sections of the B10(d, p)B11 Reaction at Low-Deuteron Energies G. R. Harrison, G. D. Schmidt, C. D. Curtis