Papers by M. Keller

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 2.33 72 2005/06/02 Néel Temperature of Quasi-Low-Dimensional Heisenberg Antiferromagnets C. Yasuda, S. Todo, K. Hukushima, F. Alet, M. Keller, M. Troyer, H. Takayama
2 0.63 38 1993/09/27 Unusual ground-state properties of UPd2Al3: Implications for the coexistence of heavy-fermion superconductivity and local-moment antiferromagnetism R. Caspary, P. Hellmann, M. Keller, G. Sparn, C. Wassilew, R. Köhler, C. Geibel, C. Schank, F. Steglich, ..., N. E. Phillips
3 0.45 9 2004/12/20 Internal Motility in Stiffening Actin-Myosin Networks J. Uhde, M. Keller, E. Sackmann, A. Parmeggiani, E. Frey
4 0.44 61 2001/05/14 Dynamical Mean-Field Theory for Pairing and Spin Gap in the Attractive Hubbard Model M. Keller, W. Metzner, U. Schollwöck
5 -0.01 16 2001/06/08 Quantum dot in high magnetic fields: Correlated tunneling of electrons probes the spin configuration at the edge of the dot M. Keller, U. Wilhelm, J. Schmid, J. Weis, K. V. Klitzing, K. Eberl
6 -0.02 9 2012/09/18 Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlations from colliding Bose-Einstein condensates J. Kofler, M. Singh, M. Ebner, M. Keller, M. Kotyrba, A. Zeilinger
7 -0.07 4 2014/03/13 Test of mp/me changes using vibrational transitions in N2+ M. Kajita, G. Gopakumar, M. Abe, M. Hada, M. Keller
8 -0.09 3 2014/12/01 Bose-Einstein condensate of metastable helium for quantum correlation experiments M. Keller, M. Kotyrba, F. Leupold, M. Singh, M. Ebner, A. Zeilinger
9 -0.24 0 2016/10/24 Magnetism in Pd: Magnetoconductance and transport spectroscopy of atomic contacts F. Strigl, M. Keller, D. Weber, T. Pietsch, E. Scheer
10 -0.26 14 1999/08/01 Thermodynamics of a superconductor with strongly bound Cooper pairs M. Keller, W. Metzner, U. Schollwöck
11 -0.37 0 2016/05/31 Optimized Multi-Ion Cavity Coupling S. Begley, M. Vogt, G. K. Gulati, H. Takahashi, M. Keller
12 -0.44 0 2015/03/24 Coulomb crystal mass spectrometry in a digital ion trap N. Deb, L. L. Pollum, A. D. Smith, M. Keller, C. J. Rennick, B. R. Heazlewood, T. P. Softley
13 -0.44 0 2010/01/27 Molecular heat pump for rotational states C. Lazarou, M. Keller, B. M. Garraway
14 -0.49 2 2008/05/22 Spin-torque effects in metallic magnetic multilayers in the ballistic regime P. M. Krstajić, M. Keller, F. M. Peeters