Papers by M. Saffman

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 10.93 340 2010/08/18 Quantum information with Rydberg atoms M. Saffman, T. G. Walker, K. Mølmer
2 8.19 146 2010/01/08 Demonstration of a Neutral Atom Controlled-NOT Quantum Gate L. Isenhower, E. Urban, X. L. Zhang, A. T. Gill, T. Henage, T. A. Johnson, T. G. Walker, M. Saffman
3 3.26 73 2008/03/26 Consequences of Zeeman degeneracy for the van der Waals blockade between Rydberg atoms T. G. Walker, M. Saffman
4 2.88 65 2005/08/31 Analysis of a quantum logic device based on dipole-dipole interactions of optically trapped Rydberg atoms M. Saffman, T. G. Walker
5 2.55 71 2002/12/16 Creating single-atom and single-photon sources from entangled atomic ensembles M. Saffman, T. G. Walker
6 2.12 48 2008/03/19 Rabi Oscillations between Ground and Rydberg States with Dipole-Dipole Atomic Interactions T. A. Johnson, E. Urban, T. Henage, L. Isenhower, D. D. Yavuz, T. G. Walker, M. Saffman
7 1.75 20 2014/01/30 Atomic Fock State Preparation Using Rydberg Blockade M. Ebert, A. Gill, M. Gibbons, X. Zhang, M. Saffman, T. G. Walker
8 1.74 49 2007/12/26 Quantum Computing with Collective Ensembles of Multilevel Systems E. Brion, K. Mølmer, M. Saffman
9 1.38 15 2015/03/12 Randomized Benchmarking of Single-Qubit Gates in a 2D Array of Neutral-Atom Qubits T. Xia, M. Lichtman, K. Maller, A. W. Carr, M. J. Piotrowicz, L. Isenhower, M. Saffman
10 1.32 39 2006/02/14 Fast Ground State Manipulation of Neutral Atoms in Microscopic Optical Traps D. D. Yavuz, P. B. Kulatunga, E. Urban, T. A. Johnson, N. Proite, T. Henage, T. G. Walker, M. Saffman
11 1.31 2 2016/09/06 High-fidelity Rydberg-blockade entangling gate using shaped, analytic pulses L. S. Theis, F. Motzoi, F. K. Wilhelm, M. Saffman
12 1.18 20 2013/07/24 Two-dimensional lattice of blue-detuned atom traps using a projected Gaussian beam array M. J. Piotrowicz, M. Lichtman, K. Maller, G. Li, S. Zhang, L. Isenhower, M. Saffman
13 0.96 24 2013/07/17 Preparation of Entangled and Antiferromagnetic States by Dissipative Rydberg Pumping A. W. Carr, M. Saffman
14 0.94 24 1997/08/01 Bound dipole solitary solutions in anisotropic nonlocal self-focusing media A. V. Mamaev, A. A. Zozulya, V. K. Mezentsev, D. Z. Anderson, M. Saffman
15 0.94 9 2015/08/24 Coherence and Rydberg Blockade of Atomic Ensemble Qubits M. Ebert, M. Kwon, T. G. Walker, M. Saffman
16 0.89 14 1994/08/08 Propagation of Light Beams in Photorefractive Media: Fanning, Self-Bending, and Formation of Self-Pumped Four-Wave-Mixing Phase Conjugation Geometries A. A. Zozulya, M. Saffman, D. Z. Anderson
17 0.79 43 2009/06/17 Efficient Multiparticle Entanglement via Asymmetric Rydberg Blockade M. Saffman, K. Mølmer
18 0.77 36 1996/03/25 Propagation of Dark Stripe Beams in Nonlinear Media: Snake Instability and Creation of Optical Vortices A. V. Mamaev, M. Saffman, A. A. Zozulya
19 0.77 25 1998/04/20 Selection of Unstable Patterns and Control of Optical Turbulence by Fourier Plane Filtering A. V. Mamaev, M. Saffman
20 0.75 26 2010/09/29 Deterministic entanglement of two neutral atoms via Rydberg blockade X. L. Zhang, L. Isenhower, A. T. Gill, T. G. Walker, M. Saffman