Papers by H. Y. Kee

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 5.59 57 2014/02/20 Generic Spin Model for the Honeycomb Iridates beyond the Kitaev Limit J. G. Rau, E. H. Lee, H. Y. Kee
2 4.91 43 2014/07/29 αRuCl3: A spin-orbit assisted Mott insulator on a honeycomb lattice K. W. Plumb, J. P. Clancy, L. J. Sandilands, V. V. Shankar, Y. F. Hu, K. S. Burch, H. Y. Kee, Y. J. Kim
3 3.27 35 2015/08/10 Topological nodal line semimetals with and without spin-orbital coupling C. Fang, Y. Chen, H. Y. Kee, L. Fu
4 2.87 21 2015/06/19 Kitaev magnetism in honeycomb RuCl3 with intermediate spin-orbit coupling H. S. Kim, V. S. V, R. Catuneanu, H. Y. Kee
5 2.24 27 2007/07/19 Classical Antiferromagnet on a Hyperkagome Lattice J. M. Hopkinson, S. V. Isakov, H. Y. Kee, Y. B. Kim
6 2.08 38 2012/03/07 Semimetal and Topological Insulator in Perovskite Iridates J. M. Carter, V. V. Shankar, M. A. Zeb, H. Y. Kee
7 1.84 16 2014/10/21 Odd-Parity Triplet Superconducting Phase in Multiorbital Materials with a Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling: Application to Doped Sr2IrO4 Z. Y. Meng, Y. B. Kim, H. Y. Kee
8 1.39 24 2012/06/13 Hidden and antiferromagnetic order as a rank-5 superspin in URu2Si2 J. G. Rau, H. Y. Kee
9 1.34 9 2015/06/03 Surface states of perovskite iridates AIrO3: Signatures of a topological crystalline metal with nontrivial Z2 index H. S. Kim, Y. Chen, H. Y. Kee
10 1.23 47 2008/06/02 Topological Spin Liquid on the Hyperkagome Lattice of Na4Ir3O8 M. J. Lawler, H. Y. Kee, Y. B. Kim, A. Vishwanath
11 0.95 57 2004/10/26 Formation of an electronic nematic phase in interacting fermion systems I. Khavkine, C. H. Chung, V. Oganesyan, H. Y. Kee
12 0.83 56 2003/12/11 Signatures of an electronic nematic phase at the isotropic-nematic phase transition H. Y. Kee, E. H. Kim, C. H. Chung
13 0.53 10 2016/02/22 Spin-orbit excitations and electronic structure of the putative Kitaev magnet αRuCl3 L. J. Sandilands, Y. Tian, A. A. Reijnders, H. S. Kim, K. W. Plumb, Y. J. Kim, H. Y. Kee, K. S. Burch
14 0.53 46 2005/05/05 Itinerant metamagnetism induced by electronic nematic order H. Y. Kee, Y. B. Kim
15 0.52 3 2016/04/21 Topological crystalline semimetals in nonsymmorphic lattices Y. Chen, H. S. Kim, H. Y. Kee
16 0.51 6 2014/11/24 Topological phases in iridium oxide superlattices: Quantized anomalous charge or valley Hall insulators Y. Chen, H. Y. Kee
17 0.46 4 2016/04/22 Crystal structure and magnetism in αRuCl3: An ab initio study H. S. Kim, H. Y. Kee
18 0.38 1 2016/10/06 Angle-resolved photoemission study of the Kitaev candidate αRuCl3 X. Zhou, H. Li, J. A. Waugh, S. Parham, H. S. Kim, J. A. Sears, A. Gomes, H. Y. Kee, Y. J. Kim, ..., D. S. Dessau
19 0.35 15 2002/03/27 Fractionalization patterns in strongly correlated electron systems: Spin-charge separation and beyond E. Demler, C. Nayak, H. Y. Kee, Y. B. Kim, T. Senthil
20 0.35 12 2013/07/09 Theory of metal-insulator transition in the family of perovskite iridium oxides J. M. Carter, V. Shankar V, H. Y. Kee