Papers by J. Simonet

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 10.53 172 2012/05/29 Tunable Gauge Potential for Neutral and Spinless Particles in Driven Optical Lattices J. Struck, C. Ölschläger, M. Weinberg, P. Hauke, J. Simonet, A. Eckardt, M. Lewenstein, K. Sengstock, P. Windpassinger
2 6.06 95 2012/10/05 Non-Abelian Gauge Fields and Topological Insulators in Shaken Optical Lattices P. Hauke, O. Tieleman, A. Celi, C. Ölschläger, J. Simonet, J. Struck, M. Weinberg, P. Windpassinger, K. Sengstock, ..., A. Eckardt
3 0.77 13 2014/09/19 Spin-orbit coupling in periodically driven optical lattices J. Struck, J. Simonet, K. Sengstock
4 0.60 2 2016/03/14 Symmetry-broken momentum distributions induced by matter-wave diffraction during time-of-flight expansion of ultracold atoms M. Weinberg, O. Jürgensen, C. Ölschläger, D. S. Lühmann, K. Sengstock, J. Simonet
5 0.17 23 1994/10/01 Progress in the analysis of experimental chaos through periodic orbits R. Badii, E. Brun, M. Finardi, L. Flepp, R. Holzner, J. Parisi, C. Reyl, J. Simonet
6 0.12 7 2014/07/16 Quantum phases in tunable state-dependent hexagonal optical lattices D. S. Lühmann, O. Jürgensen, M. Weinberg, J. Simonet, P. Soltan-Panahi, K. Sengstock
7 0.11 5 2015/10/22 Multiphoton interband excitations of quantum gases in driven optical lattices M. Weinberg, C. Ölschläger, C. Sträter, S. Prelle, A. Eckardt, K. Sengstock, J. Simonet
8 -0.01 11 1993/08/01 Nonlinear noise reduction: A case study on experimental data H. Kantz, T. Schreiber, I. Hoffmann, T. Buzug, G. Pfister, L. G. Flepp, J. Simonet, R. Badii, E. Brun
9 -0.08 2 2015/04/30 Beyond-mean-field study of a binary bosonic mixture in a state-dependent honeycomb lattice L. Cao, S. Krönke, J. Stockhofe, J. Simonet, K. Sengstock, D. S. Lühmann, P. Schmelcher
10 -0.18 8 1994/11/01 Locking and Arnold tongues in an infinite-dimensional system: The nuclear magnetic resonance laser with delayed feedback J. Simonet, M. Warden, E. Brun
11 -0.30 6 1995/09/01 Transition to chaos in a laser system with delayed feedback J. Simonet, E. Brun, R. Badii
12 -0.36 0 2016/08/05 Modified spin-wave theory and spin-liquid behavior of cold bosons on an inhomogeneous triangular lattice A. Celi, T. Grass, R. J. Ferris, B. Padhi, D. Raventós, J. Simonet, K. Sengstock, M. Lewenstein