Papers by A. Liu

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 1.74 4 2014/07/23 Epoch of reionization window. I. Mathematical formalism A. Liu, A. R. Parsons, C. M. Trott
2 1.16 6 2013/02/12 A fast method for power spectrum and foreground analysis for 21 cm cosmology J. S. Dillon, A. Liu, M. Tegmark
3 0.94 5 2014/01/15 Overcoming real-world obstacles in 21 cm power spectrum estimation: A method demonstration and results from early Murchison Widefield Array data J. S. Dillon, A. Liu, C. L. Williams, J. N. Hewitt, M. Tegmark, E. H. Morgan, A. M. Levine, M. F. Morales, S. J. Tingay, ..., R. L. Webster
4 0.82 10 2011/05/20 A method for 21 cm power spectrum estimation in the presence of foregrounds A. Liu, M. Tegmark
5 0.15 2 2016/02/19 Eliminating the optical depth nuisance from the CMB with 21 cm cosmology A. Liu, J. R. Pritchard, R. Allison, A. R. Parsons, U. Seljak, B. D. Sherwin
6 0.13 4 2015/10/28 Criterion for Distinguishing Sequential from Nonsequential Contributions to the Double Ionization of Helium in Ultrashort Extreme-Ultraviolet Pulses A. Liu, U. Thumm
7 0.00 2 2014/07/23 Epoch of reionization window. II. Statistical methods for foreground wedge reduction A. Liu, A. R. Parsons, C. M. Trott
8 -0.01 16 1997/03/15 Rabi splitting of the optical intersubband absorption line of multiple quantum wellsinside a Fabry-Pérot microcavity A. Liu
9 -0.04 3 2013/02/06 Global 21 cm signal experiments: A designer’s guide A. Liu, J. R. Pritchard, M. Tegmark, A. Loeb
10 -0.07 5 2014/06/30 Laser-assisted XUV few-photon double ionization of helium: Joint angular distributions A. Liu, U. Thumm
11 -0.08 8 1999/01/15 Near-field second-harmonic generation of semiconductor quantum dots A. Liu, G. W. Bryant
12 -0.13 1 2015/01/06 Mapmaking for precision 21 cm cosmology J. S. Dillon, M. Tegmark, A. Liu, A. Ewall-Wice, J. N. Hewitt, M. F. Morales, A. R. Neben, A. R. Parsons, H. Zheng
13 -0.26 2 2015/04/23 Laser-assisted XUV double ionization of helium: Energy-sharing dependence of joint angular distributions A. Liu, U. Thumm
14 -0.27 8 1994/09/15 Local-field effect on the linear optical intersubband absorption in multiple quantum wells A. Liu
15 -0.27 6 1994/05/15 Local-field study of the optical second-harmonic generation in a symmetric quantum-well structure A. Liu, O. Keller
16 -0.34 3 1997/03/15 Radiative interaction and disorder effect in the linear optical response of a multiple-quantum-well structure A. Liu
17 -0.41 1 1997/10/01 Measurements of OH- absorption and proton activation in Pb1-xBaxNb2O6 crystals with applications to holographic storage M. Lee, R. S. Feigelson, A. Liu, L. Hesselink, R. K. Route
18 -0.43 0 1997/10/01 Light control of optical intersubband absorption and amplification in a quantum well inside a cavity A. Liu
19 -0.48 2 1994/01/15 Local-field calculation of the optical diamagnetic response of a metallic quantum well O. Keller, A. Liu