Papers by M. Tegmark

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 19.73 437 2004/05/05 Cosmological parameters from SDSS and WMAP M. Tegmark, M. A. Strauss, M. R. Blanton, K. Abazajian, S. Dodelson, H. Sandvik, X. Wang, D. H. Weinberg, I. Zehavi, ..., D. G. York
2 15.63 267 2006/12/11 Cosmological constraints from the SDSS luminous red galaxies M. Tegmark, D. J. Eisenstein, M. A. Strauss, D. H. Weinberg, M. R. Blanton, J. A. Frieman, M. Fukugita, J. E. Gunn, A. J. Hamilton, ..., D. G. York
3 6.82 72 2003/12/29 High resolution foreground cleaned CMB map from WMAP M. Tegmark, A. De Oliveira-Costa, A. J. Hamilton
4 6.82 158 2005/05/20 Cosmological parameter analysis including SDSS Lyα forest and galaxy bias: Constraints on the primordial spectrum of fluctuations, neutrino mass, and dark energy U. Seljak, A. Makarov, P. Mcdonald, S. F. Anderson, N. A. Bahcall, J. Brinkmann, S. Burles, R. Cen, M. Doi, ..., D. G. York
5 5.70 54 1997/05/15 How to measure CMB power spectra without losing information M. Tegmark
6 5.47 50 2002/05/24 Is cosmology consistent? X. Wang, M. Tegmark, M. Zaldarriaga
7 5.10 111 2004/03/25 Significance of the largest scale CMB fluctuations in WMAP A. De Oliveira-Costa, M. Tegmark, M. Zaldarriaga, A. Hamilton
8 2.88 93 2007/09/13 Constraining f(R) gravity as a scalar-tensor theory T. Faulkner, M. Tegmark, E. F. Bunn, Y. Mao
9 2.78 73 1998/06/15 Weighing Neutrinos with Galaxy Surveys W. Hu, D. J. Eisenstein, M. Tegmark
10 2.63 67 2006/01/09 Dimensionless constants, cosmology, and other dark matters M. Tegmark, A. Aguirre, M. J. Rees, F. Wilczek
11 2.58 36 2001/01/30 Towards a refined cosmic concordance model: Joint 11-parameter constraints from the cosmic microwave background and large-scale structure M. Tegmark, M. Zaldarriaga, A. J. Hamilton
12 2.42 32 2000/09/11 New Microwave Background Constraints on the Cosmic Matter Budget: Trouble for Nucleosynthesis? M. Tegmark, M. Zaldarriaga
13 2.39 66 2004/06/16 New Dark Energy Constraints from Supernovae, Microwave Background, and Galaxy Clustering Y. Wang, M. Tegmark
14 2.04 40 1998/12/17 Observationally determining the properties of dark matter W. Hu, D. J. Eisenstein, M. Tegmark, M. White
15 1.73 41 1997/11/17 Measuring Cosmological Parameters with Galaxy Surveys M. Tegmark
16 1.59 70 2004/06/30 The end of unified dark matter? H. B. Sandvik, M. Tegmark, M. Zaldarriaga, I. Waga
17 1.30 29 2006/07/13 CMB multipole measurements in the presence of foregrounds A. De Oliveira-Costa, M. Tegmark
18 1.16 6 2013/02/12 A fast method for power spectrum and foreground analysis for 21 cm cosmology J. S. Dillon, A. Liu, M. Tegmark
19 1.09 27 2002/11/25 Measuring the metric: A parametrized post-Friedmannian approach to the cosmic dark energy problem M. Tegmark
20 0.94 5 2014/01/15 Overcoming real-world obstacles in 21 cm power spectrum estimation: A method demonstration and results from early Murchison Widefield Array data J. S. Dillon, A. Liu, C. L. Williams, J. N. Hewitt, M. Tegmark, E. H. Morgan, A. M. Levine, M. F. Morales, S. J. Tingay, ..., R. L. Webster