Papers by H. Cao

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1 10.46 146 2011/05/25 Unidirectional Invisibility Induced by PT-Symmetric Periodic Structures Z. Lin, H. Ramezani, T. Eichelkraut, T. Kottos, H. Cao, D. N. Christodoulides
2 9.27 88 2010/07/26 Coherent Perfect Absorbers: Time-Reversed Lasers Y. D. Chong, L. Ge, H. Cao, A. D. Stone
3 3.52 93 2012/05/08 Direct evidence of a zigzag spin-chain structure in the honeycomb lattice: A neutron and x-ray diffraction investigation of single-crystal Na2IrO3 F. Ye, S. Chi, H. Cao, B. C. Chakoumakos, J. A. Fernandez-Baca, R. Custelcean, T. F. Qi, O. B. Korneta, G. Cao
4 3.41 16 2015/01/22 Dielectric microcavities: Model systems for wave chaos and non-Hermitian physics H. Cao, J. Wiersig
5 3.36 21 2013/09/12 Origin of the phase transition in IrTe2: Structural modulation and local bonding instability H. Cao, B. C. Chakoumakos, X. Chen, J. Yan, M. A. Mcguire, H. Yang, R. Custelcean, H. Zhou, D. J. Singh, ..., D. Mandrus
6 2.78 139 1999/03/15 Random Laser Action in Semiconductor Powder H. Cao, Y. G. Zhao, S. T. Ho, E. W. Seelig, Q. H. Wang, R. P. Chang
7 2.53 43 2009/07/29 Ising versus XY Anisotropy in Frustrated R2Ti2O7 Compounds as “Seen” by Polarized Neutrons H. Cao, A. Gukasov, I. Mirebeau, P. Bonville, C. Decorse, G. Dhalenne
8 2.26 30 2012/12/28 Neutron-Diffraction Measurements of an Antiferromagnetic Semiconducting Phase in the Vicinity of the High-Temperature Superconducting State of KxFe2-ySe2 J. Zhao, H. Cao, E. Bourret-Courchesne, D. H. Lee, R. J. Birgeneau
9 1.94 17 2014/04/01 Coherent Control of Total Transmission of Light through Disordered Media S. M. Popoff, A. Goetschy, S. F. Liew, A. D. Stone, H. Cao
10 1.35 31 2011/02/24 Competing magnetic ground states in nonsuperconducting Ba(Fe1-xCrx)2As2 as seen via neutron diffraction K. Marty, A. D. Christianson, C. H. Wang, M. Matsuda, H. Cao, L. H. Vanbebber, J. L. Zarestky, D. J. Singh, A. S. Sefat, ..., M. D. Lumsden
11 1.25 35 1995/03/15 Stimulated emission of a microcavity dressed exciton and suppression of phonon scattering S. Pau, G. Björk, J. Jacobson, H. Cao, Y. Yamamoto
12 1.15 23 2010/08/31 Directional Laser Emission from a Wavelength-Scale Chaotic Microcavity Q. H. Song, L. Ge, A. D. Stone, H. Cao, J. Wiersig, J. B. Shim, J. Unterhinninghofen, W. Fang, G. S. Solomon
13 1.03 28 1995/03/01 Observation of exciton-polariton oscillating emission in a single-quantum-well semiconductor microcavity J. Jacobson, S. Pau, H. Cao, G. Björk, Y. Yamamoto
14 1.00 6 2010/11/30 Photonic-band-gap effects in two-dimensional polycrystalline and amorphous structures J. K. Yang, C. Schreck, H. Noh, S. F. Liew, M. I. Guy, C. S. O'Hern, H. Cao
15 0.98 3 2016/02/26 Structural and magnetic phase transitions in Ca0.73La0.27FeAs2 with electron-overdoped FeAs layers S. Jiang, C. Liu, H. Cao, T. Birol, J. M. Allred, W. Tian, L. Liu, K. Cho, M. J. Krogstad, ..., N. Ni
16 0.85 20 2011/12/28 Spin glass and semiconducting behavior in one-dimensional BaFe2δSe3 (δ0.2) crystals B. Saparov, S. Calder, B. Sipos, H. Cao, S. Chi, D. J. Singh, A. D. Christianson, M. D. Lumsden, A. S. Sefat
17 0.83 23 2011/09/12 Antiferromagnetic order and superlattice structure in nonsuperconducting and superconducting RbyFe1.6+xSe2 M. Wang, M. Wang, G. N. Li, Q. Huang, C. H. Li, G. T. Tan, C. L. Zhang, H. Cao, W. Tian, ..., P. Dai
18 0.82 19 2009/10/20 Chaotic microcavity laser with high quality factor and unidirectional output Q. Song, W. Fang, B. Liu, S. T. Ho, G. S. Solomon, H. Cao
19 0.80 6 2013/11/26 Observation of the dependence on drift field of scintillation from nuclear recoils in liquid argon T. Alexander, H. O. Back, H. Cao, A. G. Cocco, F. Dejongh, G. Fiorillo, C. Galbiati, L. Grandi, C. Kendziora, ..., SCENE Collaboration
20 0.77 36 2000/06/12 Spatial Confinement of Laser Light in Active Random Media H. Cao, J. Y. Xu, D. Z. Zhang, S. H. Chang, S. T. Ho, E. W. Seelig, X. Liu, R. P. Chang