Papers by M. W. Noel

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 2.41 84 2000/11/20 Spontaneous Evolution of Rydberg Atoms into an Ultracold Plasma M. P. Robinson, B. L. Tolra, M. W. Noel, T. F. Gallagher, P. Pillet
2 1.88 70 2003/05/13 Millimeter-wave spectroscopy of cold Rb Rydberg atoms in a magneto-optical trap: Quantum defects of the ns, np, and nd series W. Li, I. Mourachko, M. W. Noel, T. F. Gallagher
3 0.85 64 1996/09/02 Excitation of an Atomic Electron to a Coherent Superposition of Macroscopically Distinct States M. W. Noel, C. R. Stroud, Jr
4 0.82 32 2004/10/04 Angular Dependence of the Dipole-Dipole Interaction in a Nearly One-Dimensional Sample of Rydberg Atoms T. J. Carroll, K. Claringbould, A. Goodsell, M. J. Lim, M. W. Noel
5 0.67 29 2004/10/21 Evolution dynamics of a dense frozen Rydberg gas to plasma W. Li, M. W. Noel, M. P. Robinson, P. J. Tanner, T. F. Gallagher, D. Comparat, B. Laburthe Tolra, N. Vanhaecke, T. Vogt, ..., D. A. Tate
6 0.31 19 2006/03/27 Many-body interactions in a sample of ultracold Rydberg atoms with varying dimensions and densities T. J. Carroll, S. Sunder, M. W. Noel
7 0.19 33 1995/08/14 Young's Double-Slit Interferometry within an Atom M. W. Noel, C. R. Stroud, Jr
8 -0.05 16 2000/10/30 Classical subharmonic resonances in microwave ionization of lithium Rydberg atoms M. W. Noel, W. M. Griffith, T. F. Gallagher
9 -0.11 3 2015/06/01 Imaging the dipole-dipole energy exchange between ultracold rubidium Rydberg atoms D. P. Fahey, T. J. Carroll, M. W. Noel
10 -0.16 7 2011/11/28 Dipole-dipole interaction between rubidium Rydberg atoms E. Altiere, D. P. Fahey, M. W. Noel, R. J. Smith, T. J. Carroll
11 -0.16 9 2009/11/25 Simulations of the dipole-dipole interaction between two spatially separated groups of Rydberg atoms T. J. Carroll, C. Daniel, L. Hoover, T. Sidie, M. W. Noel
12 -0.18 11 1999/08/30 Population Trapping in Extremely Highly Excited States in Microwave Ionization M. W. Noel, W. M. Griffith, T. F. Gallagher
13 -0.19 13 1998/09/01 Frequency-modulated excitation of a two-level atom M. W. Noel, W. M. Griffith, T. F. Gallagher
14 -0.27 6 2002/11/22 Rydberg-atom population transfer by population trapping in a chirped microwave pulse J. Lambert, M. W. Noel, T. F. Gallagher
15 -0.35 2 2001/07/05 Microwave Ionization of an Atomic Electron Wave Packet M. W. Noel, L. Ko, T. F. Gallagher
16 -0.39 7 1998/05/01 Phase and rise-time dependence using rf pulses in multiphoton processes W. M. Griffith, M. W. Noel, T. F. Gallagher
17 -0.64 0 2015/10/13 Quantum interference in the field ionization of Rydberg atoms R. Feynman, J. Hollingsworth, M. Vennettilli, T. Budner, R. Zmiewski, D. P. Fahey, T. J. Carroll, M. W. Noel