Papers by E. Demler

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 14.21 423 2003/08/26 Controlling Spin Exchange Interactions of Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices L. M. Duan, E. Demler, M. D. Lukin
2 10.30 194 2002/11/12 High-Temperature Superfluidity of Fermionic Atoms in Optical Lattices W. Hofstetter, J. I. Cirac, P. Zoller, E. Demler, M. D. Lukin
3 7.47 157 2010/12/10 Topological characterization of periodically driven quantum systems T. Kitagawa, E. Berg, M. Rudner, E. Demler
4 7.22 279 2004/07/06 Probing many-body states of ultracold atoms via noise correlations E. Altman, E. Demler, M. D. Lukin
5 6.96 60 2014/03/31 Hilbert-Glass Transition: New Universality of Temperature-Tuned Many-Body Dynamical Quantum Criticality D. Pekker, G. Refael, E. Altman, E. Demler, V. Oganesyan
6 6.37 180 2005/03/02 Fractional Quantum Hall States of Atoms in Optical Lattices A. S. Sørensen, E. Demler, M. D. Lukin
7 6.05 166 2011/06/02 Majorana Fermions in Equilibrium and in Driven Cold-Atom Quantum Wires L. Jiang, T. Kitagawa, J. Alicea, A. R. Akhmerov, D. Pekker, G. Refael, J. I. Cirac, E. Demler, M. D. Lukin, ..., P. Zoller
8 5.97 146 2011/12/01 Transport properties of nonequilibrium systems under the application of light: Photoinduced quantum Hall insulators without Landau levels T. Kitagawa, T. Oka, A. Brataas, L. Fu, E. Demler
9 5.94 179 2007/02/08 Strongly Correlated 2D Quantum Phases with Cold Polar Molecules: Controlling the Shape of the Interaction Potential H. P. Büchler, E. Demler, M. Lukin, A. Micheli, N. Prokof'Ev, G. Pupillo, P. Zoller
10 5.83 48 2015/04/23 Anomalous Diffusion and Griffiths Effects Near the Many-Body Localization Transition K. Agarwal, S. Gopalakrishnan, M. Knap, M. Müller, E. Demler
11 5.36 100 2007/06/05 Observing Majorana bound States in p-Wave Superconductors Using Noise Measurements in Tunneling Experiments C. J. Bolech, E. Demler
12 5.14 105 2002/04/03 Spinor Bosonic Atoms in Optical Lattices: Symmetry Breaking and Fractionalization E. Demler, F. Zhou
13 5.06 74 2011/09/08 Tunable Superfluidity and Quantum Magnetism with Ultracold Polar Molecules A. V. Gorshkov, S. R. Manmana, G. Chen, J. Ye, E. Demler, M. D. Lukin, A. M. Rey
14 3.90 31 2015/09/11 Low-frequency conductivity in many-body localized systems S. Gopalakrishnan, M. Müller, V. Khemani, M. Knap, E. Demler, D. A. Huse
15 3.66 92 2010/02/22 Observation of Elastic Doublon Decay in the Fermi-Hubbard Model N. Strohmaier, D. Grei, R. Jördens, L. Tarruell, H. Moritz, T. Esslinger, R. Sensarma, D. Pekker, E. Altman, ..., E. Demler
16 3.36 103 2010/01/27 Dynamical Crystallization in the Dipole Blockade of Ultracold Atoms T. Pohl, E. Demler, M. D. Lukin
17 2.83 42 2013/03/19 Dissipative Preparation of Spin Squeezed Atomic Ensembles in a Steady State E. G. Dalla Torre, J. Otterbach, E. Demler, V. Vuletic, M. D. Lukin
18 2.54 44 2012/12/27 Time-Dependent Impurity in Ultracold Fermions: Orthogonality Catastrophe and Beyond M. Knap, A. Shashi, Y. Nishida, A. Imambekov, D. A. Abanin, E. Demler
19 2.47 52 2011/02/01 Competition between Pairing and Ferromagnetic Instabilities in Ultracold Fermi Gases near Feshbach Resonances D. Pekker, M. Babadi, R. Sensarma, N. Zinner, L. Pollet, M. W. Zwierlein, E. Demler
20 2.45 32 2013/04/18 Interferometric Approach to Measuring Band Topology in 2D Optical Lattices D. A. Abanin, T. Kitagawa, I. Bloch, E. Demler