Papers by S. L. Zhu

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 6.93 22 2015/09/25 Identifying Exotic Hidden-Charm Pentaquarks R. Chen, X. Liu, X. Q. Li, S. L. Zhu
2 4.66 18 2015/10/20 Towards Exotic Hidden-Charm Pentaquarks in QCD H. X. Chen, W. Chen, X. Liu, T. G. Steele, S. L. Zhu
3 4.44 98 2006/12/12 Spin Hall Effects for Cold Atoms in a Light-Induced Gauge Potential S. L. Zhu, H. Fu, C. J. Wu, S. C. Zhang, L. M. Duan
4 3.84 47 2011/09/01 Zb(10610)± and Zb(10650)± as the B*B¯ and B*B¯* molecular states Z. F. Sun, J. He, X. Liu, Z. G. Luo, S. L. Zhu
5 3.35 7 2016/07/06 Decoding the X(5568) as a Fully Open-Flavor sub¯d¯ Tetraquark State W. Chen, H. X. Chen, X. Liu, T. G. Steele, S. L. Zhu
6 3.21 9 2016/04/18 X(5568) and its partner states Y. R. Liu, X. Liu, S. L. Zhu
7 2.49 102 2007/06/25 Simulation and Detection of Dirac Fermions with Cold Atoms in an Optical Lattice S. L. Zhu, B. Wang, L. M. Duan
8 2.13 32 2009/07/20 Y(4143) is probably a molecular partner of Y(3930) X. Liu, S. L. Zhu
9 1.77 8 2005/07/11 Shock Wave Interaction with Laser-Generated Single Bubbles G. N. Sankin, W. N. Simmons, S. L. Zhu, P. Zhong
10 1.61 58 2008/12/12 Realizing and Detecting the Quantum Hall Effect without Landau Levels by Using Ultracold Atoms L. B. Shao, S. L. Zhu, L. Sheng, D. Y. Xing, Z. D. Wang
11 1.54 51 2011/03/08 Probing Non-Abelian Statistics of Majorana Fermions in Ultracold Atomic Superfluid S. L. Zhu, L. B. Shao, Z. D. Wang, L. M. Duan
12 1.35 55 2002/08/07 Implementation of Universal Quantum Gates Based on Nonadiabatic Geometric Phases S. L. Zhu, Z. D. Wang
13 1.31 55 2003/12/03 Understanding Pentaquark States in QCD S. L. Zhu
14 1.29 52 2003/10/30 Unconventional Geometric Quantum Computation S. L. Zhu, Z. D. Wang
15 1.19 52 2006/02/23 Scaling of Geometric Phases Close to the Quantum Phase Transition in the XY Spin Chain S. L. Zhu
16 1.00 35 2000/07/12 Nucleon anapole moment and parity-violating ep scattering S. L. Zhu, S. J. Puglia, B. R. Holstein, M. J. Ramsey-Musol
17 0.97 19 2011/02/08 Vector and axial-vector charmoniumlike states W. Chen, S. L. Zhu
18 0.95 28 2006/08/04 Trapped Ion Quantum Computation with Transverse Phonon Modes S. L. Zhu, C. Monroe, L. M. Duan
19 0.87 30 2012/01/27 Simulating Z2 topological insulators with cold atoms in a one-dimensional optical lattice F. Mei, S. L. Zhu, Z. M. Zhang, C. H. Oh, N. Goldman
20 0.81 1 2016/11/15 Magnetic moments of the hidden-charm pentaquark states G. J. Wang, R. Chen, L. Ma, X. Liu, S. L. Zhu