Papers by C. H. Back

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 13.42 54 2015/10/27 Spin Hall effects J. Sinova, S. O. Valenzuela, J. Wunderlich, C. H. Back, T. Jungwirth
2 3.19 73 2004/08/12 Fourier Transform Imaging of Spin Vortex Eigenmodes M. Buess, R. Höllinger, T. Haug, K. Perzlmaier, U. Krey, D. Pescia, M. R. Scheinfein, D. Weiss, C. H. Back
3 2.25 36 2005/06/02 Quantitative Analysis of Magnetic Excitations in Landau Flux-Closure Structures Using Synchrotron-Radiation Microscopy J. Raabe, C. Quitmann, C. H. Back, F. Nolting, S. Johnson, C. Buehler
4 1.95 29 2007/11/30 Microwave Assisted Switching of Single Domain Ni80Fe20 Elements G. Woltersdor, C. H. Back
5 1.70 31 2008/11/03 Polarization Selective Magnetic Vortex Dynamics and Core Reversal in Rotating Magnetic Fields M. Curcic, B. Van Waeyenberge, A. Vansteenkiste, M. Weigand, V. Sackmann, H. Stoll, M. Fähnle, T. Tyliszczak, G. Woltersdor, ..., G. Schütz
6 1.33 42 2005/02/07 Spin-Wave Eigenmodes of Permalloy Squares with a Closure Domain Structure K. Perzlmaier, M. Buess, C. H. Back, V. E. Demidov, B. Hillebrands, S. O. Demokritov
7 1.31 10 2014/12/03 Magnetic Damping: Domain Wall Dynamics versus Local Ferromagnetic Resonance T. Weindler, H. G. Bauer, R. Islinger, B. Boehm, J. Y. Chauleau, C. H. Back
8 1.17 35 2005/03/23 Excitations with negative dispersion in a spin vortex M. Buess, T. P. Knowles, R. Höllinger, T. Haug, U. Krey, D. Weiss, D. Pescia, M. R. Scheinfein, C. H. Back
9 1.16 16 2013/10/28 Transverse Spin Seebeck Effect versus Anomalous and Planar Nernst Effects in Permalloy Thin Films M. Schmid, S. Srichandan, D. Meier, T. Kuschel, J. M. Schmalhorst, M. Vogel, G. Reiss, C. Strunk, C. H. Back
10 0.99 22 2007/12/14 Magnetization Dynamics due to Pure Spin Currents in Magnetic Double Layers G. Woltersdor, O. Mosendz, B. Heinrich, C. H. Back
11 0.86 51 1996/03/11 Morphology-Induced Oscillations of the Magnetic Anisotropy in Ultrathin Co Films W. Weber, C. H. Back, A. Bischo, C. Würsch, R. Allenspach
12 0.85 38 1998/10/12 Magnetization Reversal in Ultrashort Magnetic Field Pulses C. H. Back, D. Weller, J. Heidmann, D. Mauri, D. Guarisco, E. L. Garwin, H. C. Siegmann
13 0.82 18 2014/02/28 Inverse spin Hall effect in Ni81Fe19/normal-metal bilayers M. Obstbaum, M. Härtinger, H. G. Bauer, T. Meier, F. Swientek, C. H. Back, G. Woltersdorf
14 0.73 25 2006/04/27 Modal spectrum of permalloy disks excited by in-plane magnetic fields I. Neudecker, K. Perzlmaier, F. Hoffmann, G. Woltersdor, M. Buess, D. Weiss, C. H. Back
15 0.71 19 2006/02/07 Spatially Resolved Dynamic Eigenmode Spectrum of Co Rings I. Neudecker, M. Kläui, K. Perzlmaier, D. Backes, L. J. Heyderman, C. A. Vaz, J. A. Bland, U. Rüdiger, C. H. Back
16 0.64 17 2009/03/19 Laser-Induced Magnetization Dynamics of Lanthanide-Doped Permalloy Thin Films I. Radu, G. Woltersdor, M. Kiessling, A. Melnikov, U. Bovensiepen, J. U. Thiele, C. H. Back
17 0.63 12 2009/02/17 Vortex Core Switching by Coherent Excitation with Single In-Plane Magnetic Field Pulses M. Weigand, B. Van Waeyenberge, A. Vansteenkiste, M. Curcic, V. Sackmann, H. Stoll, T. Tyliszczak, K. Kaznatcheev, D. Bertwistle, ..., G. Schütz
18 0.62 11 2012/02/21 Structural and Magnetic Dynamics of a Laser Induced Phase Transition in FeRh S. O. Mariager, F. Pressacco, G. Ingold, A. Caviezel, E. Möhr-Vorobeva, P. Beaud, S. L. Johnson, C. J. Milne, E. Mancini, ..., C. Quitmann
19 0.60 12 2008/02/20 Observation of the propagation and interference of spin waves in ferromagnetic thin films K. Perzlmaier, G. Woltersdor, C. H. Back
20 0.54 9 2009/10/14 Scaling of spin relaxation and angular momentum dissipation in permalloy nanowires T. A. Moore, M. Kläui, L. Heyne, P. Möhrke, D. Backes, J. Rhensius, U. Rüdiger, L. J. Heyderman, J. U. Thiele, ..., S. S. Dhesi