Papers by B. Feng

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 9.10 120 2005/05/10 Direct Proof of the Tree-Level Scattering Amplitude Recursion Relation in Yang-Mills Theory R. Britto, F. Cachazo, B. Feng, E. Witten
2 7.84 81 2012/08/03 Evidence for Dirac Fermions in a Honeycomb Lattice Based on Silicon L. Chen, C. C. Liu, B. Feng, X. He, P. Cheng, Z. Ding, S. Meng, Y. Yao, K. Wu
3 2.58 27 2013/02/20 Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Dynamic Phase Transition in Monolayer Silicene L. Chen, H. Li, B. Feng, Z. Ding, J. Qiu, P. Cheng, K. Wu, S. Meng
4 2.46 15 2003/11/12 N=12 Wess-Zumino Model Is Renormalizable R. Britto, B. Feng
5 1.27 30 2005/01/31 Computing one-loop amplitudes from the holomorphic anomaly of unitarity cuts R. Britto, F. Cachazo, B. Feng
6 1.05 28 2005/09/16 One-loop amplitudes of gluons in supersymmetric QCD R. Britto, E. Buchbinder, F. Cachazo, B. Feng
7 0.96 36 2005/12/20 Perturbations of the quintom models of dark energy and the effects on observations G. B. Zhao, J. Q. Xia, M. Li, B. Feng, X. Zhang
8 0.76 40 2004/05/26 Suppressing the CMB quadrupole with a bounce from the contracting phase to inflation Y. S. Piao, B. Feng, X. Zhang
9 0.68 45 2006/06/07 Searching for CPT Violation with Cosmic Microwave Background Data from WMAP and BOOMERANG B. Feng, M. Li, J. Q. Xia, X. Chen, X. Zhang
10 0.58 1 2016/11/18 Spin texture in type-II Weyl semimetal WTe2 B. Feng, Y. H. Chan, Y. Feng, R. Y. Liu, M. Y. Chou, K. Kuroda, K. Yaji, A. Harasawa, P. Moras, ..., I. Matsuda
11 0.56 23 2006/05/03 Cut-constructible part of QCD amplitudes R. Britto, B. Feng, P. Mastrolia
12 0.44 12 2005/05/31 All split helicity tree-level gluon amplitudes R. Britto, B. Feng, R. Roiban, M. Spradlin, A. Volovich
13 0.42 1 2016/07/18 Direct evidence of metallic bands in a monolayer boron sheet B. Feng, J. Zhang, R. Y. Liu, T. Iimori, C. Lian, H. Li, L. Chen, K. Wu, S. Meng, ..., I. Matsuda
14 0.38 7 2004/06/28 U(N) instantons on N=12 superspace: Exact solution and geometry of moduli space R. Britto, B. Feng, O. Lunin, S. J. Rey
15 0.11 26 2002/05/08 Quintessence and spontaneous leptogenesis M. Li, X. Wang, B. Feng, X. Zhang
16 0.11 13 2007/05/10 Unitarity cuts with massive propagators and algebraic expressions for coefficients R. Britto, B. Feng
17 0.06 1 2016/02/10 New Representations of the Perturbative S Matrix C. Baadsgaard, N. E. Bjerrum-Bohr, J. L. Bourjaily, S. Caron-Huot, P. H. Damgaard, B. Feng
18 0.05 18 2003/11/21 An inflation model with large variations in the spectral index B. Feng, M. Li, R. J. Zhang, X. Zhang
19 0.02 6 2010/11/08 Gravity and Yang-Mills amplitude relations N. E. Bjerrum-Bohr, P. H. Damgaard, B. Feng, T. S√łndergaard
20 0.02 25 2006/03/20 Observing dark energy dynamics with supernova, microwave background, and galaxy clustering J. Q. Xia, G. B. Zhao, B. Feng, H. Li, X. Zhang