Papers by E. Cappelluti

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1 7.45 55 2013/08/08 Tight-binding model and direct-gap/indirect-gap transition in single-layer and multilayer MoS2 E. Cappelluti, R. Roldán, J. A. Silva-Guillén, P. Ordejón, F. Guinea
2 2.12 38 2009/07/24 Fermi-Surface Shrinking and Interband Coupling in Iron-Based Pnictides L. Ortenzi, E. Cappelluti, L. Benfatto, L. Pietronero
3 1.70 9 2015/11/05 Theory of strain in single-layer transition metal dichalcogenides H. Rostami, R. Roldán, E. Cappelluti, R. Asgari, F. Guinea
4 1.28 32 2009/09/10 Gate Tunable Infrared Phonon Anomalies in Bilayer Graphene A. B. Kuzmenko, L. Benfatto, E. Cappelluti, I. Crassee, D. Van Der Marel, P. Blake, K. S. Novoselov, A. K. Geim
5 1.19 11 2014/06/30 Thermodynamics of quantum crystalline membranes B. Amorim, R. Roldán, E. Cappelluti, A. Fasolino, F. Guinea, M. I. Katsnelson
6 1.15 35 2007/04/17 Topological Change of the Fermi Surface in Low-Density Rashba Gases: Application to Superconductivity E. Cappelluti, C. Grimaldi, F. Marsiglio
7 0.81 1 2016/08/10 Band structure and electron-phonon coupling in H3S: A tight-binding model L. Ortenzi, E. Cappelluti, L. Pietronero
8 0.70 14 2013/08/27 Interactions and superconductivity in heavily doped MoS2 R. Roldán, E. Cappelluti, F. Guinea
9 0.28 13 2012/04/10 Structure-Dependent Fano Resonances in the Infrared Spectra of Phonons in Few-Layer Graphene Z. Li, C. H. Lui, E. Cappelluti, L. Benfatto, K. F. Mak, G. L. Carr, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz
10 0.25 43 1999/03/01 Interplay between superconductivity and flux phase in the t-J model E. Cappelluti, R. Zeyher
11 0.25 15 2009/12/18 Spectroscopic and thermodynamic properties in a four-band model for pnictides L. Benfatto, E. Cappelluti, C. Castellani
12 0.19 2 2016/04/20 Unconventional dc Transport in Rashba Electron Gases V. Brosco, L. Benfatto, E. Cappelluti, C. Grimaldi
13 0.07 12 2007/08/21 Electron-phonon effects on spin-orbit split bands of two-dimensional systems E. Cappelluti, C. Grimaldi, F. Marsiglio
14 0.06 13 2011/03/22 Effects of the Fermi-surface shrinking on the optical sum rule in pnictides L. Benfatto, E. Cappelluti
15 0.01 17 2002/05/15 Small Fermi energy and phonon anharmonicity in MgB2 and related compounds L. Boeri, G. Bachelet, E. Cappelluti, L. Pietronero
16 -0.07 12 2010/07/09 Phonon switching and combined Fano-Rice effect in optical spectra of bilayer graphene E. Cappelluti, L. Benfatto, A. B. Kuzmenko
17 -0.10 16 2002/03/04 High Tc Superconductivity in MgB2 by Nonadiabatic Pairing E. Cappelluti, S. Ciuchi, C. Grimaldi, L. Pietronero, S. Strässler
18 -0.12 4 2008/08/13 Finite-Size Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition at Grain Boundaries in Solid He4 and the Role of He3 Impurities S. Gaudio, E. Cappelluti, G. Rastelli, L. Pietronero
19 -0.13 17 1996/01/01 Nonadiabatic superconductivity: The role of van Hove singularities E. Cappelluti, L. Pietronero
20 -0.13 6 2012/08/27 Unconventional Hall Effect in Pnictides from Interband Interactions L. Fanfarillo, E. Cappelluti, C. Castellani, L. Benfatto