Papers by Z. G. Dai

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 3.26 4 2016/07/29 Testing Einstein’s weak equivalence principle with gravitational waves X. F. Wu, H. Gao, J. J. Wei, P. Mészáros, B. Zhang, Z. G. Dai, S. N. Zhang, Z. H. Zhu
2 0.19 13 2007/10/25 High-energy cosmic rays and neutrinos from semirelativistic hypernovae X. Y. Wang, S. Razzaque, P. Mészáros, Z. G. Dai
3 0.00 15 1996/08/12 Conversion of Neutron Stars to Strange Stars as a Possible Origin of γ-Ray Bursts K. S. Cheng, Z. G. Dai
4 -0.16 8 1998/01/05 Are Soft γ-Ray Repeaters Strange Stars? K. S. Cheng, Z. G. Dai
5 -0.17 9 1997/04/01 Properties of nuclei in the inner crusts of neutron stars in the relativistic mean-field theory K. S. Cheng, C. C. Yao, Z. G. Dai
6 -0.29 8 1998/11/16 γ-Ray Bursts and Afterglows from Rotating Strange Stars and Neutron Stars Z. G. Dai, T. Lu
7 -0.37 3 2013/08/23 Possible high-energy neutrino and photon signals from gravitational wave bursts due to double neutron star mergers H. Gao, B. Zhang, X. F. Wu, Z. G. Dai
8 -0.45 1 2011/10/28 Probing the tidal disruption flares of massive black holes with high-energy neutrinos X. Y. Wang, R. Y. Liu, Z. G. Dai, K. S. Cheng
9 -0.63 1 2014/01/14 Estimating the uncorrelated dark energy evolution in the Planck era F. Y. Wang, Z. G. Dai