Papers by S. N. Zhang

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 3.26 4 2016/07/29 Testing Einstein’s weak equivalence principle with gravitational waves X. F. Wu, H. Gao, J. J. Wei, P. Mészáros, B. Zhang, Z. G. Dai, S. N. Zhang, Z. H. Zhu
2 -0.13 12 2008/07/11 How to distinguish dark energy and modified gravity? H. Wei, S. N. Zhang
3 -0.21 4 2010/04/15 Constraints on cosmological models and reconstructing the acceleration history of the Universe with gamma-ray burst distance indicators N. Liang, P. Wu, S. N. Zhang
4 -0.21 10 2004/12/16 Dilaton black holes in the de Sitter or anti–de Sitter universe C. J. Gao, S. N. Zhang
5 -0.28 3 1996/09/16 Search for the Flavor Changing Neutral Current Decay D0μ+μ- in 800 GeV Proton-Silicon Interactions T. Alexopoulos, L. Antoniazzi, M. Arenton, H. C. Ballagh, H. Bingham, A. Blankman, M. Block, A. Boden, G. Bonomi, ..., E771 Collaboration
6 -0.29 12 2007/02/23 Reconstruction of hessence dark energy and the latest type Ia supernovae gold dataset H. Wei, N. Tang, S. N. Zhang
7 -0.29 5 2007/09/12 Age problem in the holographic dark energy model H. Wei, S. N. Zhang
8 -0.30 10 2008/03/19 Giant vortex and skyrmion in a rotating two-species Bose-Einstein condensate S. J. Yang, Q. S. Wu, S. N. Zhang, S. Feng
9 -0.36 6 2007/09/12 Dynamics of quintom and hessence energies in loop quantum cosmology H. Wei, S. N. Zhang
10 -0.43 3 2010/04/07 Probing lattice dynamics of Cd2Re2O7 pyrochlore: Thermal transport and thermodynamics study J. He, D. Hitchcock, I. Bredeson, N. Hickman, T. M. Tritt, S. N. Zhang
11 -0.49 1 2012/09/27 Phonon-assisted transport through quantum dots with normal and superconducting leads S. N. Zhang, W. Pei, T. F. Fang, Q. F. Sun
12 -0.50 4 2007/12/07 Generating ring dark solitons in an evolving Bose-Einstein condensate S. J. Yang, Q. S. Wu, S. N. Zhang, S. Feng, W. Guo, Y. C. Wen, Y. Yu
13 -0.53 1 2009/06/05 Modified clock inequalities and modified black hole lifetime R. J. Yang, S. N. Zhang
14 -0.64 0 2015/09/22 Consistency test on the cosmic evolution Y. Gong, Y. Z. Ma, S. N. Zhang, X. Chen