Papers by J. Shan

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1 21.31 370 2010/09/24 Atomically Thin MoS2: A New Direct-Gap Semiconductor K. F. Mak, C. Lee, J. Hone, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz
2 7.17 51 2014/07/10 Tightly Bound Excitons in Monolayer WSe2 K. He, N. Kumar, L. Zhao, Z. Wang, K. F. Mak, H. Zhao, J. Shan
3 3.82 94 2009/06/26 Observation of an Electric-Field-Induced Band Gap in Bilayer Graphene by Infrared Spectroscopy K. F. Mak, C. H. Lui, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz
4 3.29 34 2013/05/20 Spin-Hall magnetoresistance in platinum on yttrium iron garnet: Dependence on platinum thickness and in-plane/out-of-plane magnetization N. Vlietstra, J. Shan, V. Castel, B. J. Van Wees, J. Ben Yousse
5 2.87 50 2011/01/25 Seeing Many-Body Effects in Single- and Few-Layer Graphene: Observation of Two-Dimensional Saddle-Point Excitons K. F. Mak, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz
6 2.68 39 2011/06/03 Carrier dynamics in semiconductors studied with time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy R. Ulbricht, E. Hendry, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz, M. Bonn
7 1.52 57 1999/11/15 Second-Harmonic Rayleigh Scattering from a Sphere of Centrosymmetric Material J. I. Dadap, J. Shan, K. B. Eisenthal, T. F. Heinz
8 1.49 11 2014/11/26 Simultaneous detection of the spin-Hall magnetoresistance and the spin-Seebeck effect in platinum and tantalum on yttrium iron garnet N. Vlietstra, J. Shan, B. J. Wees, M. Isasa, F. Casanova, J. B. Youssef
9 1.37 35 2010/09/16 Ultrafast Photoluminescence from Graphene C. H. Lui, K. F. Mak, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz
10 0.72 1 2016/11/04 Temperature dependence of the magnon spin diffusion length and magnon spin conductivity in the magnetic insulator yttrium iron garnet L. J. Cornelissen, J. Shan, B. J. Wees
11 0.59 3 2015/05/18 Charge-neutral disorder and polytypes in heterovalent wurtzite-based ternary semiconductors: The importance of the octet rule P. C. Quayle, E. W. Blanton, A. Punya, G. T. Junno, K. He, L. Han, H. Zhao, J. Shan, W. R. Lambrecht, ..., K. Kash
12 0.57 28 2010/04/29 Electronic Structure of Few-Layer Graphene: Experimental Demonstration of Strong Dependence on Stacking Sequence K. F. Mak, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz
13 0.56 9 2014/05/20 Tuning Many-Body Interactions in Graphene: The Effects of Doping on Excitons and Carrier Lifetimes K. F. Mak, F. H. Jornada, K. He, J. Deslippe, N. Petrone, J. Hone, J. Shan, S. G. Louie, T. F. Heinz
14 0.48 23 2004/02/19 Electron transport in TiO2 probed by THz time-domain spectroscopy E. Hendry, F. Wang, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz, M. Bonn
15 0.42 22 2006/02/23 Experimental study of optical second-harmonic scattering from spherical nanoparticles J. Shan, J. I. Dadap, I. Stiopkin, G. A. Reider, T. F. Heinz
16 0.28 13 2012/04/10 Structure-Dependent Fano Resonances in the Infrared Spectra of Phonons in Few-Layer Graphene Z. Li, C. H. Lui, E. Cappelluti, L. Benfatto, K. F. Mak, G. L. Carr, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz
17 0.02 11 2003/06/17 Measurement of the Frequency-Dependent Conductivity in Sapphire J. Shan, F. Wang, E. Knoesel, M. Bonn, T. F. Heinz
18 -0.01 2 2015/07/28 Comparison of the magneto-Peltier and magneto-Seebeck effects in magnetic tunnel junctions J. Shan, F. K. Dejene, J. C. Leutenantsmeyer, J. Flipse, M. M├╝nzenberg, B. J. Wees
19 -0.12 0 2016/11/23 Influence of yttrium iron garnet thickness and heater opacity on the nonlocal transport of electrically and thermally excited magnons J. Shan, L. J. Cornelissen, N. Vlietstra, J. B. Youssef, T. Kuschel, R. A. Duine, B. J. Wees
20 -0.17 5 2013/06/17 Electrical injection of spin-polarized electrons and electrical detection of dynamic nuclear polarization using a Heusler alloy spin source T. Akiho, J. Shan, H. X. Liu, K. I. Matsuda, M. Yamamoto, T. Uemura