Papers by Z. Yao

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 4.04 129 2000/03/27 High-Field Electrical Transport in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Z. Yao, C. L. Kane, C. Dekker
2 1.82 46 2011/04/08 Coulomb drag of massless fermions in graphene S. Kim, I. Jo, J. Nah, Z. Yao, S. K. Banerjee, E. Tutuc
3 0.37 45 2000/10/15 Electrical transport through carbon nanotube junctions created by mechanical manipulation H. W. Postma, M. De Jonge, Z. Yao, C. Dekker
4 0.34 19 2005/02/24 Thermal conduction of carbon nanotubes using molecular dynamics Z. Yao, J. S. Wang, B. Li, G. R. Liu
5 0.30 4 2006/09/08 Equilibrium conformation of polymer chains with noncircular cross section S. Zhao, S. Zhang, Z. Yao, L. Zhang
6 0.24 14 2012/03/14 Direct Measurement of the Fermi Energy in Graphene Using a Double-Layer Heterostructure S. Kim, I. Jo, D. C. Dillen, D. A. Ferrer, B. Fallahazad, Z. Yao, S. K. Banerjee, E. Tutuc
7 0.11 8 2014/06/03 Critical Exponents of the Superfluid–Bose-Glass Transition in Three Dimensions Z. Yao, K. P. Costa, M. Kiselev, N. Prokof’ev
8 0.07 3 2013/09/13 Topological Defects in Flat Geometry: The Role of Density Inhomogeneity Z. Yao, M. Olvera De La Cruz
9 -0.07 3 2013/07/29 Crystalline particle packings on constant mean curvature (Delaunay) surfaces E. Bendito, M. J. Bowick, A. Medina, Z. Yao
10 -0.13 0 2016/11/22 Ultratransparent Media and Transformation Optics with Shifted Spatial Dispersions J. Luo, Y. Yang, Z. Yao, W. Lu, B. Hou, Z. H. Hang, C. T. Chan, Y. Lai
11 -0.13 0 2016/11/22 Drag reductions and the air-water interface stability of superhydrophobic surfaces in rectangular channel flow J. Zhang, Z. Yao, P. Hao
12 -0.24 3 2013/01/17 Packing of charged chains on toroidal geometries Z. Yao, M. O. De La Cruz
13 -0.24 12 1999/11/01 Structure of flux line lattices with weak disorder at large length scales P. Kim, Z. Yao, C. A. Bolle, C. M. Lieber
14 -0.30 12 1996/12/16 Vortex Lattice Structure in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ at High Temperatures P. Kim, Z. Yao, C. M. Lieber
15 -0.34 4 2010/06/15 Langevin model for real-time Brownian dynamics of interacting nanodefects in irradiated metals S. L. Dudarev, M. R. Gilbert, K. Arakawa, H. Mori, Z. Yao, M. L. Jenkins, P. M. Derlet
16 -0.36 0 2016/05/24 Pressure-induced metallization and amorphization in VO2(A) nanorods B. Cheng, Q. Li, H. Zhang, R. Liu, B. Liu, Z. Yao, T. Cui, J. Liu, Z. Liu, ..., B. Liu
17 -0.37 0 2014/12/29 Dynamics of vacancies in two-dimensional Lennard-Jones crystals Z. Yao, M. O. Cruz
18 -0.45 1 2013/04/15 Electrostatic repulsion-driven crystallization model arising from filament networks Z. Yao, M. Olvera De La Cruz
19 -0.50 0 2016/04/04 Electrostatics-Driven Hierarchical Buckling of Charged Flexible Ribbons Z. Yao, M. O. Cruz
20 -0.54 0 2015/03/05 Coulomb energy of uniformly charged spheroidal shell systems V. Jadhao, Z. Yao, C. K. Thomas, M. O. Cruz