Papers by H. M. Weng

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 26.34 193 2015/07/31 Experimental Discovery of Weyl Semimetal TaAs B. Q. Lv, H. M. Weng, B. B. Fu, X. P. Wang, H. Miao, J. Ma, P. Richard, X. C. Huang, L. X. Zhao, ..., H. Ding
2 3.04 12 2015/11/16 Observation of Fermi-Arc Spin Texture in TaAs B. Q. Lv, S. Muff, T. Qian, Z. D. Song, S. M. Nie, N. Xu, P. Richard, C. E. Matt, N. C. Plumb, ..., H. Ding
3 1.40 3 2016/05/10 Evidence for Topological Edge States in a Large Energy Gap near the Step Edges on the Surface of ZrTe5 R. Wu, J. Z. Ma, S. M. Nie, L. X. Zhao, X. Huang, J. X. Yin, B. B. Fu, P. Richard, G. F. Chen, ..., S. H. Pan
4 1.16 9 2014/08/20 Observation of anomalous temperature dependence of spectrum on small Fermi surfaces in a BiS2-based superconductor L. K. Zeng, X. B. Wang, J. Ma, P. Richard, S. M. Nie, H. M. Weng, N. L. Wang, Z. Wang, T. Qian, ..., H. Ding
5 0.91 3 2016/06/15 Emergence of topological bands on the surface of ZrSnTe crystal R. Lou, J. Z. Ma, Q. N. Xu, B. B. Fu, L. Y. Kong, Y. G. Shi, P. Richard, H. M. Weng, Z. Fang, ..., S. C. Wang
6 0.56 5 2014/08/11 Optical spectroscopy study of Nd(O,F)BiS2 single crystals X. B. Wang, S. M. Nie, H. P. Wang, P. Zheng, P. Wang, T. Dong, H. M. Weng, N. L. Wang
7 -0.29 2 1996/08/15 Photoinduced electron coupling in δ-doped GaAs/In0.18Ga0.82As quantum wells I. Lo, M. J. Kao, W. C. Hsu, K. K. Kuo, Y. C. Chang, H. M. Weng, J. C. Chiang, S. F. Tsay
8 -0.34 6 2000/01/24 Photoinduced Dehydrogenation of Defects in Undoped a-Si:H Using Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy X. Zou, Y. C. Chan, D. P. Webb, Y. W. Lam, Y. F. Hu, C. D. Beling, S. Fung, H. M. Weng