Papers by A. Rajaraman

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 9.66 144 2010/12/27 Constraints on dark matter from colliders J. Goodman, M. Ibe, A. Rajaraman, W. Shepherd, T. M. Tait, H. B. Yu
2 5.45 74 2011/11/09 LHC bounds on interactions of dark matter A. Rajaraman, W. Shepherd, T. M. Tait, A. M. Wijangco
3 3.76 91 2003/09/12 Superweakly interacting massive particle dark matter signals from the early Universe J. L. Feng, A. Rajaraman, F. Takayama
4 3.61 102 2003/07/03 Superweakly Interacting Massive Particles J. L. Feng, A. Rajaraman, F. Takayama
5 3.31 35 2014/08/07 Hidden on-shell mediators for the Galactic Center γ-ray excess M. Abdullah, A. DiFranzo, A. Rajaraman, T. M. Tait, P. Tanedo, A. M. Wijangco
6 1.62 17 1998/11/09 Vacua of M theory and string theory R. Kallosh, A. Rajaraman
7 1.59 50 2007/10/08 Bounds on unparticles from the Higgs sector P. J. Fox, A. Rajaraman, Y. Shirman
8 1.02 15 2008/04/17 Unparticle self-interactions and their collider implications J. L. Feng, A. Rajaraman, H. Tu
9 0.93 26 2010/12/21 Proper treatment of massless fields in Euclidean de Sitter space A. Rajaraman
10 0.83 18 2006/05/12 Effective dynamics of the matrix big bang B. Craps, A. Rajaraman, S. Sethi
11 0.83 6 1999/08/20 Green-Schwarz string action on AdS3×S3 with Ramond-Ramond charge J. Rahmfeld, A. Rajaraman
12 0.82 41 2005/10/27 Superweakly Interacting Massive Particle Solutions to Small Scale Structure Problems J. A. Cembranos, J. L. Feng, A. Rajaraman, F. Takayama
13 0.61 26 2006/11/10 Big bang nucleosynthesis with bound states of long-lived charged particles M. Kaplinghat, A. Rajaraman
14 0.46 27 2003/10/31 Graviton cosmology in universal extra dimensions J. L. Feng, A. Rajaraman, F. Takayama
15 0.31 18 2007/12/04 Unparticles: Scales and high energy probes M. Bander, J. L. Feng, A. Rajaraman, Y. Shirman
16 0.30 6 2005/12/19 Supersymmetric completion of the R4 term in type IIB supergravity A. Rajaraman
17 0.18 10 2008/03/17 Probing the Green-Schwarz mechanism at the CERN Large Hadron Collider J. Kumar, A. Rajaraman, J. D. Wells
18 0.14 9 1998/05/15 Special conformal symmetry of worldvolume actions R. Kallosh, J. Kumar, A. Rajaraman
19 0.06 9 1997/03/15 Supersymmetric rotating black holes and attractors R. Kallosh, A. Rajaraman, W. Kai Wong
20 0.04 11 2009/01/27 Search for Maximal Flavor Violating Scalars in Same-Charge Lepton Pairs in pp¯ Collisions at s=1.96 TeV T. Aaltonen, J. Adelman, T. Akimoto, M. G. Albrow, B. Álvarez González, S. Amerio, D. Amidei, A. Anastassov, A. Annovi, ..., CDF Collaboration