Papers by H. Zhai

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 15.60 292 2012/08/27 Spin-Orbit Coupled Degenerate Fermi Gases P. Wang, Z. Q. Yu, Z. Fu, J. Miao, L. Huang, S. Chai, H. Zhai, J. Zhang
2 7.94 184 2010/10/13 Spin-Orbit Coupled Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates C. Wang, C. Gao, C. M. Jian, H. Zhai
3 7.30 157 2012/09/12 Collective Dipole Oscillations of a Spin-Orbit Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensate J. Y. Zhang, S. C. Ji, Z. Chen, L. Zhang, Z. D. Du, B. Yan, G. S. Pan, B. Zhao, Y. J. Deng, ..., J. W. Pan
4 6.98 219 2009/01/29 Functional Renormalization-Group Study of the Pairing Symmetry and Pairing Mechanism of the FeAs-Based High-Temperature Superconductor F. Wang, H. Zhai, Y. Ran, A. Vishwanath, D. H. Lee
5 5.13 97 2011/11/04 Spin-Orbit Coupled Fermi Gases across a Feshbach Resonance Z. Q. Yu, H. Zhai
6 2.86 13 2015/09/21 Orbital Feshbach Resonance in Alkali-Earth Atoms R. Zhang, Y. Cheng, H. Zhai, P. Zhang
7 2.15 3 2016/09/09 Reaching a Fermi-superfluid state near an orbital Feshbach resonance J. Xu, R. Zhang, Y. Cheng, P. Zhang, R. Qi, H. Zhai
8 2.12 46 2008/02/19 Trapped Fermi Gases in Rotating Optical Lattices: Realization and Detection of the Topological Hofstadter Insulator R. O. Umucalılar, H. Zhai, M. Ö. Oktel
9 2.01 55 2009/08/28 Antiferromagnetically driven electronic correlations in iron pnictides and cuprates H. Zhai, F. Wang, D. H. Lee
10 1.69 16 2015/08/28 Charge Pumping of Interacting Fermion Atoms in the Synthetic Dimension T. S. Zeng, C. Wang, H. Zhai
11 1.36 8 2016/04/13 Quantum phase transitions of the Bose-Hubbard model inside a cavity Y. Chen, Z. Yu, H. Zhai
12 1.27 44 2010/05/14 Nodes in the gap function of LaFePO, the gap function of the Fe(Se,Te) systems, and the STM signature of the s± pairing F. Wang, H. Zhai, D. H. Lee
13 1.11 34 2011/08/18 Paired superfluidity and fractionalized vortices in systems of spin-orbit coupled bosons C. M. Jian, H. Zhai
14 1.10 25 2013/07/23 Synthetic gauge field with highly magnetic lanthanide atoms X. Cui, B. Lian, T. L. Ho, B. L. Lev, H. Zhai
15 1.10 39 2007/05/04 Criterion for Bosonic Superfluidity in an Optical Lattice R. B. Diener, Q. Zhou, H. Zhai, T. L. Ho
16 1.02 94 2009/01/06 Nodal spin density wave and band topology of the FeAs-based materials Y. Ran, F. Wang, H. Zhai, A. Vishwanath, D. H. Lee
17 0.93 25 2009/11/30 Correlated versus ferromagnetic state in repulsively interacting two-component Fermi gases H. Zhai
18 0.93 34 2010/04/13 Stability of a fully magnetized ferromagnetic state in repulsively interacting ultracold Fermi gases X. Cui, H. Zhai
19 0.83 16 2014/04/08 Superradiance of Degenerate Fermi Gases in a Cavity Y. Chen, Z. Yu, H. Zhai
20 0.65 23 2014/06/27 Floquet topological states in shaking optical lattices W. Zheng, H. Zhai