Papers by M. V. Hecke

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 6.82 9 2015/02/04 Origami Multistability: From Single Vertices to Metasheets S. Waitukaitis, R. Menaut, B. G. Chen, M. V. Hecke
2 3.45 7 2014/10/24 Programmable Mechanical Metamaterials B. Florijn, C. Coulais, M. V. Hecke
3 1.37 5 2015/04/01 Rigidity Loss in Disordered Systems: Three Scenarios W. G. Ellenbroek, V. F. Hagh, A. Kumar, M. F. Thorpe, M. V. Hecke
4 0.56 8 2014/08/27 Jamming in finite systems: Stability, anisotropy, fluctuations, and scaling C. P. Goodrich, S. Dagois-Bohy, B. P. Tighe, M. V. Hecke, R. J. Liu, S. R. Nagel
5 0.23 1 2016/02/03 Origami building blocks: Generic and special four-vertices S. Waitukaitis, M. V. Hecke
6 0.08 4 2014/01/15 Rheology of weakly vibrated granular media G. H. Wortel, J. A. Dijksman, M. V. Hecke
7 -0.06 0 2016/12/21 Contact changes of sheared systems: Scaling, correlations, and mechanisms M. S. Deen, B. P. Tighe, M. V. Hecke
8 -0.21 7 1997/02/01 Convection in rotating annuli: Ginzburg-Landau equations with tunable coefficients M. V. Hecke, W. Van Saarloos
9 -0.22 0 2016/11/03 Criticality in Vibrated Frictional Flows at a Finite Strain Rate G. Wortel, O. Dauchot, M. V. Hecke
10 -0.26 1 2015/10/28 Anisotropy of weakly vibrated granular flows G. H. Wortel, M. V. Hecke
11 -0.40 2 2014/08/28 Contact changes near jamming M. S. Deen, J. Simon, Z. Zeravcic, S. Dagois-Bohy, B. P. Tighe, M. V. Hecke
12 -0.62 0 2015/07/21 Discontinuous Buckling of Wide Beams and Metabeams C. Coulais, J. T. Overvelde, L. A. Lubbers, K. Bertoldi, M. V. Hecke