Papers by J. Xiao

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 12.51 105 2010/06/14 Theory of magnon-driven spin Seebeck effect J. Xiao, G. E. Bauer, K. C. Uchida, E. Saitoh, S. Maekawa
2 4.00 50 2013/10/23 Experimental Test of the Spin Mixing Interface Conductivity Concept M. Weiler, M. Althammer, M. Schreier, J. Lotze, M. Pernpeintner, S. Meyer, H. Huebl, R. Gross, A. Kamra, ..., S. T. Goennenwein
3 3.75 36 2013/09/09 Magnon, phonon, and electron temperature profiles and the spin Seebeck effect in magnetic insulator/normal metal hybrid structures M. Schreier, A. Kamra, M. Weiler, J. Xiao, G. E. Bauer, R. Gross, S. T. Goennenwein
4 2.78 23 2014/07/29 Spin Pumping and Spin-Transfer Torques in Antiferromagnets R. Cheng, J. Xiao, Q. Niu, A. Brataas
5 1.66 57 2006/02/21 Spin-transfer torque for continuously variable magnetization J. Xiao, A. Zangwill, M. D. Stiles
6 1.52 40 2004/11/12 Boltzmann test of Slonczewski’s theory of spin-transfer torque J. Xiao, A. Zangwill, M. D. Stiles
7 1.42 28 2009/06/22 Illusion Optics: The Optical Transformation of an Object into Another Object Y. Lai, J. Ng, H. Chen, D. Han, J. Xiao, Z. Q. Zhang, C. T. Chan
8 1.42 17 2012/05/23 Spin-Wave Excitation in Magnetic Insulators by Spin-Transfer Torque J. Xiao, G. E. Bauer
9 1.22 11 2014/10/30 Intrinsic magnetoresistance in metal films on ferromagnetic insulators V. L. Grigoryan, W. Guo, G. E. Bauer, J. Xiao
10 1.13 32 2004/02/13 Phenomenological theory of current-induced magnetization precession M. D. Stiles, J. Xiao, A. Zangwill
11 0.83 11 2013/11/04 Current-induced spin-wave excitation in Pt/YIG bilayer Y. Zhou, H. Jiao, Y. T. Chen, G. E. Bauer, J. Xiao
12 0.69 38 2005/07/19 Macrospin models of spin transfer dynamics J. Xiao, A. Zangwill, M. D. Stiles
13 0.63 4 2012/12/03 Experimental and theoretical study of the ground-state M1 transition in Ag-like tungsten Z. Fei, R. Zhao, Z. Shi, J. Xiao, M. Qiu, J. Grumer, M. Andersson, T. Brage, R. Hutton, ..., Y. Zou
14 0.29 37 2008/06/12 Spin-transfer torque in magnetic tunnel junctions: Scattering theory J. Xiao, G. E. Bauer, A. Brataas
15 0.18 9 2013/02/21 Spin-Hall conductivity and electric polarization in metallic thin films X. Wang, J. Xiao, A. Manchon, S. Maekawa
16 0.06 13 2008/05/22 Charge pumping in magnetic tunnel junctions: Scattering theory J. Xiao, G. E. Bauer, A. Brataas
17 0.05 5 2009/05/12 Charge pumping and the colored thermal voltage noise in spin valves J. Xiao, G. E. Bauer, S. Maekawa, A. Brataas
18 0.04 1 2015/12/28 Spin-Wave Diode J. Lan, W. Yu, R. Wu, J. Xiao
19 -0.02 11 2007/05/02 Preparation and determination of spin-polarized states in multi-Zeeman-sublevel atoms B. Wang, Y. Han, J. Xiao, X. Yang, C. Zhang, H. Wang, M. Xiao, K. Peng
20 -0.03 21 1998/01/19 Chaos Synchronization in Coupled Chaotic Oscillators with Multiple Positive Lyapunov Exponents J. Yang, G. Hu, J. Xiao