Papers by A. Vishwanath

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 25.49 584 2011/05/02 Topological semimetal and Fermi-arc surface states in the electronic structure of pyrochlore iridates X. Wan, A. M. Turner, A. Vishwanath, S. Y. Savrasov
2 8.44 159 2012/09/14 Theory and classification of interacting integer topological phases in two dimensions: A Chern-Simons approach Y. M. Lu, A. Vishwanath
3 8.40 128 2013/02/28 Physics of Three-Dimensional Bosonic Topological Insulators: Surface-Deconfined Criticality and Quantized Magnetoelectric Effect A. Vishwanath, T. Senthil
4 8.30 63 2014/09/02 Probing the Chiral Anomaly with Nonlocal Transport in Three-Dimensional Topological Semimetals S. A. Parameswaran, T. Grover, D. A. Abanin, D. A. Pesin, A. Vishwanath
5 6.98 219 2009/01/29 Functional Renormalization-Group Study of the Pairing Symmetry and Pairing Mechanism of the FeAs-Based High-Temperature Superconductor F. Wang, H. Zhai, Y. Ran, A. Vishwanath, D. H. Lee
6 6.57 105 2012/01/24 Charge Transport in Weyl Semimetals P. Hosur, S. A. Parameswaran, A. Vishwanath
7 5.81 243 2004/10/15 Quantum criticality beyond the Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson paradigm T. Senthil, L. Balents, S. Sachdev, A. Vishwanath, M. P. Fisher
8 5.53 15 2016/06/27 Particle-vortex duality of two-dimensional Dirac fermion from electric-magnetic duality of three-dimensional topological insulators M. A. Metlitski, A. Vishwanath
9 5.10 64 2013/11/21 Non-Abelian Topological Order on the Surface of a 3D Topological Superconductor from an Exactly Solved Model L. Fidkowski, X. Chen, A. Vishwanath
10 4.84 98 2012/06/29 Quasiparticle statistics and braiding from ground-state entanglement Y. Zhang, T. Grover, A. Turner, M. Oshikawa, A. Vishwanath
11 4.50 85 2012/01/25 Ultracold Atoms in a Tunable Optical Kagome Lattice G. B. Jo, J. Guzman, C. K. Thomas, P. Hosur, A. Vishwanath, D. M. Stamper-Kurn
12 3.72 124 2005/09/16 Supersolid Order from Disorder: Hard-Core Bosons on the Triangular Lattice R. G. Melko, A. Paramekanti, A. A. Burkov, A. Vishwanath, D. N. Sheng, L. Balents
13 3.48 29 2014/11/06 Noncoplanar and Counterrotating Incommensurate Magnetic Order Stabilized by Kitaev Interactions in γLi2IrO3 A. Biffin, R. D. Johnson, I. Kimchi, R. Morris, A. Bombardi, J. G. Analytis, A. Vishwanath, R. Coldea
14 3.36 55 2006/05/22 Theory of the Helical Spin Crystal: A Candidate for the Partially Ordered State of MnSi B. Binz, A. Vishwanath, V. Aji
15 3.33 6 2016/08/22 Thermoelectric Transport Signatures of Dirac Composite Fermions in the Half-Filled Landau Level A. C. Potter, M. Serbyn, A. Vishwanath
16 3.08 33 2014/12/15 Exactly soluble model of a three-dimensional symmetry-protected topological phase of bosons with surface topological order F. J. Burnell, X. Chen, L. Fidkowski, A. Vishwanath
17 2.96 74 2010/12/13 Entanglement and inversion symmetry in topological insulators A. M. Turner, Y. Zhang, A. Vishwanath
18 2.74 19 2015/06/15 Unified theory of spiral magnetism in the harmonic-honeycomb iridates α,β, and γLi2IrO3 I. Kimchi, R. Coldea, A. Vishwanath
19 2.49 66 2009/06/30 Topological insulators in three dimensions from spontaneous symmetry breaking Y. Zhang, Y. Ran, A. Vishwanath
20 2.43 5 2016/10/03 Classification of Interacting Topological Floquet Phases in One Dimension A. C. Potter, T. Morimoto, A. Vishwanath