Papers by W. H. Zhang

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 2.16 11 2014/12/11 Meissner and mesoscopic superconducting states in 1–4 unit-cell FeSe films L. Z. Deng, B. Lv, Z. Wu, Y. Y. Xue, W. H. Zhang, F. S. Li, L. L. Wang, X. C. Ma, Q. K. Xue, ..., C. W. Chu
2 1.65 9 2016/06/06 750 GeV diphoton excess and a dark matter messenger at the Galactic Center X. J. Huang, W. H. Zhang, Y. F. Zhou
3 1.01 3 2016/03/08 Ultrafast Dynamics Evidence of High Temperature Superconductivity in Single Unit Cell FeSe on SrTiO3 Y. C. Tian, W. H. Zhang, F. S. Li, Y. L. Wu, Q. Wu, F. Sun, G. Y. Zhou, L. Wang, X. Ma, ..., J. Zhao
4 0.95 5 2015/01/22 Interface Ferroelectric Transition near the Gap-Opening Temperature in a Single-Unit-Cell FeSe Film Grown on Nb-Doped SrTiO3 Substrate Y. T. Cui, R. G. Moore, A. M. Zhang, Y. Tian, J. J. Lee, F. T. Schmitt, W. H. Zhang, W. Li, M. Yi, ..., Z. X. Shen
5 0.05 3 2015/03/11 Scanning tunneling microscopy study of superconductivity, magnetic vortices, and possible charge-density wave in Ta4Pd3Te16 Q. Fan, W. H. Zhang, X. Liu, Y. J. Yan, M. Q. Ren, M. Xia, H. Y. Chen, D. F. Xu, Z. R. Ye, ..., D. L. Feng
6 -0.12 0 2016/11/22 Ultrasensitive biased weak measurement for longitudinal phase estimation Z. H. Zhang, G. Chen, X. Y. Xu, J. S. Tang, W. H. Zhang, Y. J. Han, C. F. Li, G. C. Guo
7 -0.30 2 1998/03/01 Near-threshold structures in inner-shell photoabsorption processes of CH4, NH3, H2O, and HF A. F. Niu, Y. Zhang, W. H. Zhang, J. M. Li
8 -0.32 0 2016/10/03 Surface electronic structure and evidence of plain s-wave superconductivity in (Li0.8Fe0.2)OHFeSe Y. J. Yan, W. H. Zhang, M. Q. Ren, X. Liu, X. F. Lu, N. Z. Wang, X. H. Niu, Q. Fan, J. Miao, ..., D. L. Feng
9 -0.37 0 2016/08/22 Connecting the LHC diphoton excess to the Galatic Center gamma-ray excess X. J. Huang, W. H. Zhang, Y. F. Zhou
10 -0.45 4 2007/09/17 Implementing an ancilla-free 1M economical phase-covariant quantum cloning machine with superconducting quantum-interference devices in cavity QED L. B. Yu, W. H. Zhang, L. Ye
11 -0.46 1 2012/08/22 Optimal cloning of two known nonorthogonal quantum states W. H. Zhang, L. B. Yu, Z. L. Cao, L. Ye
12 -0.49 4 2007/04/20 Optimal real state cloning in d dimensions W. H. Zhang, T. Wu, L. Ye, J. L. Dai
13 -0.55 1 1999/07/01 Experimental and theoretical study of photoabsorption spectra of molecular hydrogen in the energy region 11–19 eV Z. P. Zhong, W. H. Zhang, K. Z. Xu, R. F. Feng, J. M. Li
14 -0.55 0 2007/09/20 Photophysical properties and electronic structures of the perovskite photocatalysts Ba3NiM2O9 (M=Nb,Ta) B. Xu, W. F. Zhang, X. Y. Liu, J. H. Ye, W. H. Zhang, L. Shi, X. G. Wan, J. Yin, Z. G. Liu
15 -0.58 0 2007/06/13 Erratum: Optimal real state cloning in d dimensions [Phys Rev. A 75, 044303 (2007)] W. H. Zhang, T. Wu, L. Ye, J. L. Dai
16 -0.63 0 2010/09/08 Application of multichannel quantum defect theory to unveil quantum interferences in dissociation of superexcited F2 X. Gao, W. H. Zhang, Y. X. Mo, J. M. Li