Papers by J. Å. Larsson

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 12.18 37 2015/12/16 Significant-Loophole-Free Test of Bell’s Theorem with Entangled Photons M. Giustina, M. A. Versteegh, S. Wengerowsky, J. Handsteiner, A. Hochrainer, K. Phelan, F. Steinlechner, J. Kofler, J. Å. Larsson, ..., A. Zeilinger
2 2.37 19 2012/12/19 Optimal Inequalities for State-Independent Contextuality M. Kleinmann, C. Budroni, J. Å. Larsson, O. Gühne, A. Cabello
3 1.16 31 2010/02/25 Compatibility and noncontextuality for sequential measurements O. Gühne, M. Kleinmann, A. Cabello, J. Å. Larsson, G. Kirchmair, F. Zähringer, R. Gerritsma, C. F. Roos
4 1.04 40 2007/05/31 Minimum Detection Efficiency for a Loophole-Free Atom-Photon Bell Experiment A. Cabello, J. Å. Larsson
5 0.49 25 1998/05/01 Bell’s inequality and detector inefficiency J. Å. Larsson
6 0.46 4 2014/09/16 Bell-inequality violation with entangled photons, free of the coincidence-time loophole J. Å. Larsson, M. Giustina, J. Kofler, B. Wittmann, R. Ursin, S. Ramelow
7 0.39 7 2014/06/10 Bounding the quantum dimension with contextuality O. Gühne, C. Budroni, A. Cabello, M. Kleinmann, J. Å. Larsson
8 0.35 6 2013/02/13 Comment on “State-Independent Experimental Test of Quantum Contextuality in an Indivisible System” E. Amselem, M. Bourennane, C. Budroni, A. Cabello, O. Gühne, M. Kleinmann, J. Å. Larsson, M. Wieśniak
9 0.22 3 2015/10/06 Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for an Extended Noncontextuality in a Broad Class of Quantum Mechanical Systems J. V. Kujala, E. N. Dzhafarov, J. Å. Larsson
10 -0.06 2 2015/07/14 Postselection-Loophole-Free Bell Test Over an Installed Optical Fiber Network G. Carvacho, J. Cariñe, G. Saavedra, Á. Cuevas, J. Fuenzalida, F. Toledo, M. Figueroa, A. Cabello, J. Å. Larsson, ..., G. B. Xavier
11 -0.09 26 2001/01/18 Strict detector-efficiency bounds for n-site Clauser-Horne inequalities J. Å. Larsson, J. Semitecolos
12 -0.12 12 1998/05/01 Necessary and sufficient detector-efficiency conditions for the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger paradox J. Å. Larsson
13 -0.12 0 2016/11/23 Thermodynamical cost of some interpretations of quantum theory A. Cabello, M. Gu, O. Gühne, J. Å. Larsson, K. Wiesner
14 -0.21 1 2004/04/22 No information flow using statistical fluctuations and quantum cryptography J. Å. Larsson
15 -0.30 4 2009/06/22 Minimum detection efficiency required for a loophole-free violation of the Braunstein-Caves chained Bell inequalities A. Cabello, J. Å. Larsson, D. Rodríguez
16 -0.34 5 2012/01/19 Optimal measurement bases for Bell tests based on the Clauser-Horne inequality G. Lima, E. B. Inostroza, R. O. Vianna, J. Å. Larsson, C. Saavedra
17 -0.35 3 2014/01/03 Bell scenarios in which nonlocality and entanglement are inversely related G. Vallone, G. Lima, E. S. Gómez, G. Cañas, J. Å. Larsson, P. Mataloni, A. Cabello
18 -0.38 5 2001/02/26 Aerts et al. Reply: S. Aerts, P. Kwiat, J. Å. Larsson, M. Żukowski
19 -0.42 7 2003/02/24 Qubits from number states and Bell inequalities for number measurements J. Å. Larsson
20 -0.43 7 1999/06/01 Detector efficiency in the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger paradox: Independent errors J. Å. Larsson