Papers by T. Arai

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 8.63 47 2015/01/15 Origin of the Tetragonal-to-Orthorhombic Phase Transition in FeSe: A Combined Thermodynamic and NMR Study of Nematicity A. E. Böhmer, T. Arai, F. Hardy, T. Hattori, T. Iye, T. Wolf, H. V. Löhneysen, K. Ishida, C. Meingast
2 1.40 46 1993/01/15 Low-frequency Raman scattering from CdS microcrystals embedded in a germanium dioxide glass matrix A. Tanaka, S. Onari, T. Arai
3 0.58 21 1974/07/01 Infinite-order cumulant expansion for spins M. Parrinello, T. Arai
4 0.45 2 2011/07/20 KEK digital accelerator T. Iwashita, T. Adachi, K. Takayama, K. W. Leo, T. Arai, Y. Arakida, M. Hashimoto, E. Kadokura, M. Kawai, ..., M. Wake
5 0.37 26 1992/03/15 Raman scattering from CdSe microcrystals embedded in a germanate glass matrix A. Tanaka, S. Onari, T. Arai
6 0.25 32 2001/02/20 Tunneling spectroscopy on the organic superconductor κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu(NCS)2 using STM T. Arai, K. Ichimura, K. Nomura, S. Takasaki, J. Yamada, S. Nakatsuji, H. Anzai
7 0.14 10 2012/11/27 Renormalization of the 2PI Hartree-Fock approximation on a de Sitter background in the broken phase T. Arai
8 0.11 16 1991/09/01 Dependence of defects induced by excimer laser on intrinsic structural defects in synthetic silica glasses H. Imai, K. Arai, H. Hosono, Y. Abe, T. Arai, H. Imagawa
9 0.11 9 1962/04/15 Exchange Interaction and Heisenberg's Spin Hamiltonian T. Arai
10 0.09 12 2004/12/13 Observation of Electronic States on Si(111)-(7×7) through Short-Range Attractive Force with Noncontact Atomic Force Spectroscopy T. Arai, M. Tomitori
11 0.09 3 1999/08/01 Growing-and-decaying mode solution to the Davey-Stewartson equation M. Tajiri, T. Arai
12 0.05 1 2013/04/17 Einzel lens chopper and behavior of the chopped beam in the KEK digital accelerator K. W. Leo, T. Adachi, T. Arai, K. Takayama
13 -0.01 16 1976/04/01 Asphericity in the magnetization distribution of holmium G. P. Felcher, G. H. Lander, T. Arai, S. K. Sinha, F. H. Spedding
14 -0.04 2 2015/07/14 Euler-Heisenberg-Weiss action for QCD+QED S. Ozaki, T. Arai, K. Hattori, K. Itakura
15 -0.11 1 2016/04/13 Influence of atomic tip structure on the intensity of inelastic tunneling spectroscopy data analyzed by combined scanning tunneling spectroscopy, force microscopy, and density functional theory N. Okabayashi, A. Gustafsson, A. Peronio, M. Paulsson, T. Arai, F. J. Giessibl
16 -0.13 7 1971/07/01 Antiferromagnetic Solution of the Hubbard Model T. Arai
17 -0.13 2 2009/01/07 Low-flux elucidation of initial growth of Ge clusters deposited on Si(111)-7×7 observed by scanning tunneling microscopy Z. A. Ansari, T. Arai, M. Tomitori
18 -0.14 2 2016/03/22 Compositeness of baryonic resonances: Application to the Δ(1232),N(1535), and N(1650) resonances T. Sekihara, T. Arai, J. Yamagata-Sekihara, S. Yasui
19 -0.15 6 1997/11/17 Achievement of High Fusion Performance in JT-60U Reversed Shear Discharges S. Ishida, T. Fujita, H. Akasaka, N. Akino, K. Annou, T. Aoyagi, T. Arai, K. Arakawa, N. Asakura, ..., R. Yoshino
20 -0.15 5 1990/12/15 Size effects on the temporal dynamics of edge emission in CdSe microcrystals embedded in a germanate glass matrix T. Inokuma, T. Arai, M. Ishikawa