Papers by X. L. Zhang

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 8.19 146 2010/01/08 Demonstration of a Neutral Atom Controlled-NOT Quantum Gate L. Isenhower, E. Urban, X. L. Zhang, A. T. Gill, T. Henage, T. A. Johnson, T. G. Walker, M. Saffman
2 0.75 26 2010/09/29 Deterministic entanglement of two neutral atoms via Rydberg blockade X. L. Zhang, L. Isenhower, A. T. Gill, T. G. Walker, M. Saffman
3 0.51 8 2005/10/05 Beam-beam effects in the Tevatron V. Shiltsev, Y. Alexahin, V. Lebedev, P. Lebrun, R. S. Moore, T. Sen, A. Tollestrup, A. Valishev, X. L. Zhang
4 0.44 12 2012/04/10 Fidelity of a Rydberg-blockade quantum gate from simulated quantum process tomography X. L. Zhang, A. T. Gill, L. Isenhower, T. G. Walker, M. Saffman
5 0.27 5 2007/12/11 Experimental Demonstration of Colliding-Beam-Lifetime Improvement by Electron Lenses V. Shiltsev, Y. Alexahin, K. Bishofberger, V. Kamerdzhiev, G. Kuznetsov, X. L. Zhang
6 0.17 20 2006/03/15 Observation of Collective Modes of Ultracold Plasmas R. S. Fletcher, X. L. Zhang, S. L. Rolston
7 0.13 4 2008/05/12 Generation and diagnostics of uncaptured beam in the Fermilab Tevatron and its control by electron lenses X. L. Zhang, K. Bishofberger, V. Kamerdzhiev, V. Lebedev, V. Shiltsev, R. Thurman-Keup, A. Tollestrup
8 0.06 15 2007/10/03 Using Three-Body Recombination to Extract Electron Temperatures of Ultracold Plasmas R. S. Fletcher, X. L. Zhang, S. L. Rolston
9 -0.02 5 2008/10/09 Tevatron electron lenses: Design and operation V. Shiltsev, K. Bishofberger, V. Kamerdzhiev, S. Kozub, M. Kufer, G. Kuznetsov, A. Martinez, M. Olson, H. Pfeffer, ..., X. L. Zhang
10 -0.08 5 2013/12/30 Analysis of a controlled phase gate using circular Rydberg states T. Xia, X. L. Zhang, M. Saffman
11 -0.12 10 1998/04/01 Effects of a prepulse on γ-ray radiation produced by a femtosecond laser with only 5-mJ energy P. Zhang, J. T. He, D. B. Chen, Z. H. Li, Y. Zhang, J. G. Bian, L. Wang, Z. L. Li, B. H. Feng, ..., J. Zhang
12 -0.17 9 2006/03/30 Strong-driving-assisted unconventional geometric logic gate in cavity QED C. Y. Chen, M. Feng, X. L. Zhang, K. L. Gao
13 -0.18 4 2008/06/13 Ultracold Plasma Expansion in a Magnetic Field X. L. Zhang, R. S. Fletcher, S. L. Rolston, P. N. Guzdar, M. Swisdak
14 -0.20 3 2002/12/27 Experimental studies on the photoelectron instability in the Beijing Electron Positron Collider Z. Y. Guo, H. Huang, S. P. Li, D. K. Liu, L. Ma, Q. Qin, J. Q. Wang, S. H. Wang, G. Xu, ..., X. L. Zhang
15 -0.23 3 2014/07/28 First-principles calculations of a robust two-dimensional boron honeycomb sandwiching a triangular molybdenum layer S. Y. Xie, X. B. Li, W. Q. Tian, N. K. Chen, X. L. Zhang, Y. Wang, S. Zhang, H. B. Sun
16 -0.27 6 2008/11/05 Observation of an Ultracold Plasma Instability X. L. Zhang, R. S. Fletcher, S. L. Rolston
17 -0.30 6 2006/09/22 Influence from cavity decay on geometric quantum computation in the large-detuning cavity QED model C. Y. Chen, X. L. Zhang, Z. J. Deng, K. L. Gao, M. Feng
18 -0.31 2 2008/11/13 Bell-state preparation for fullerene-based electron spins in distant nanotubes W. L. Yang, H. Wei, X. L. Zhang, M. Feng
19 -0.34 6 2006/01/11 Cluster-state preparation and multipartite entanglement analyzer with fermions X. L. Zhang, M. Feng, K. L. Gao
20 -0.35 5 2007/03/28 Efficient and high-fidelity generation of atomic cluster states with cavity QED and linear optics X. L. Zhang, K. L. Gao, M. Feng