Papers by R. W. Simmonds

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1 7.08 142 2004/08/12 Decoherence in Josephson Phase Qubits from Junction Resonators R. W. Simmonds, K. M. Lang, D. A. Hite, S. Nam, D. P. Pappas, J. M. Martinis
2 6.84 20 2015/12/07 Quantum Nondemolition Measurement of a Nonclassical State of a Massive Object F. Lecocq, J. B. Clark, R. W. Simmonds, J. Aumentado, J. D. Teufel
3 3.96 78 2004/10/25 Observation of Quantum Oscillations between a Josephson Phase Qubit and a Microscopic Resonator Using Fast Readout K. B. Cooper, M. Steffen, R. Mcdermott, R. W. Simmonds, S. Oh, D. A. Hite, D. P. Pappas, J. M. Martinis
4 3.52 137 2005/11/16 Decoherence in Josephson Qubits from Dielectric Loss J. M. Martinis, K. B. Cooper, R. Mcdermott, M. Steffen, M. Ansmann, K. D. Osborn, K. Cicak, S. Oh, D. P. Pappas, ..., C. C. Yu
5 2.00 9 2015/09/09 Optomechanical Raman-ratio thermometry T. P. Purdy, P. L. Yu, N. S. Kampel, R. W. Peterson, K. Cicak, R. W. Simmonds, C. A. Regal
6 1.70 36 2009/11/02 Autler-Townes Effect in a Superconducting Three-Level System M. A. Sillanpää, J. Li, K. Cicak, F. Altomare, J. I. Park, R. W. Simmonds, G. S. Paraoanu, P. J. Hakonen
7 1.17 29 2010/04/29 rf-SQUID-Mediated Coherent Tunable Coupling between a Superconducting Phase Qubit and a Lumped-Element Resonator M. S. Allman, F. Altomare, J. D. Whittaker, K. Cicak, D. Li, A. Sirois, J. Strong, J. D. Teufel, R. W. Simmonds
8 1.08 4 2016/01/06 Overwhelming Thermomechanical Motion with Microwave Radiation Pressure Shot Noise J. D. Teufel, F. Lecocq, R. W. Simmonds
9 0.90 12 2014/07/22 Realization of a single-Cooper-pair Josephson laser F. Chen, J. Li, A. D. Armour, E. Brahimi, J. Stettenheim, A. J. Sirois, R. W. Simmonds, M. P. Blencowe, A. J. Rimberg
10 0.86 5 2016/01/26 Mechanically Mediated Microwave Frequency Conversion in the Quantum Regime F. Lecocq, J. B. Clark, R. W. Simmonds, J. Aumentado, J. D. Teufel
11 0.37 21 2010/07/27 Arbitrary Control of Entanglement between two Superconducting Resonators F. W. Strauch, K. Jacobs, R. W. Simmonds
12 0.10 10 2013/06/05 Tunable Coupling to a Mechanical Oscillator Circuit Using a Coherent Feedback Network J. Kerckho, R. W. Andrews, H. S. Ku, W. F. Kindel, K. Cicak, R. W. Simmonds, K. W. Lehnert
13 0.09 14 2006/09/07 Elimination of two level fluctuators in superconducting quantum bits by an epitaxial tunnel barrier S. Oh, K. Cicak, J. S. Kline, M. A. Sillanpää, K. D. Osborn, J. D. Whittaker, R. W. Simmonds, D. P. Pappas
14 -0.05 6 2014/03/26 Tunable Resonant and Nonresonant Interactions between a Phase Qubit and LC Resonator M. S. Allman, J. D. Whittaker, M. Castellanos-Beltran, K. Cicak, F. D. Silva, M. P. DeFeo, F. Lecocq, A. Sirois, J. D. Teufel, ..., R. W. Simmonds
15 -0.06 11 2011/09/30 Decoherence, Autler-Townes effect, and dark states in two-tone driving of a three-level superconducting system J. Li, G. S. Paraoanu, K. Cicak, F. Altomare, J. I. Park, R. W. Simmonds, M. A. Sillanpää, P. J. Hakonen
16 -0.06 6 2012/04/20 Quantum Interference between Two Single Photons of Different Microwave Frequencies F. Nguyen, E. Zakka-Bajjani, R. W. Simmonds, J. Aumentado
17 -0.07 16 2007/09/26 Josephson Junction Microscope for Low-Frequency Fluctuators L. Tian, R. W. Simmonds
18 -0.10 5 2014/07/14 Tunable-cavity QED with phase qubits J. D. Whittaker, F. C. Silva, M. S. Allman, F. Lecocq, K. Cicak, A. J. Sirois, J. D. Teufel, J. Aumentado, R. W. Simmonds
19 -0.12 13 1999/11/08 Bi-state Superfluid H3e Weak Links and the Stability of Josephson π States A. Marchenkov, R. W. Simmonds, S. Backhaus, A. Loshak, J. C. Davis, R. E. Packard
20 -0.14 2 2002/01/30 Ballistic effusion of normal liquid 3He through nanoscale apertures A. Marchenkov, R. W. Simmonds, J. C. Davis, R. E. Packard