Papers by S. Nakatsuji

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 2.96 106 2001/03/19 Metamagnetism and Critical Fluctuations in High Quality Single Crystals of the Bilayer Ruthenate Sr3Ru2O7 R. S. Perry, L. M. Galvin, S. A. Grigera, L. Capogna, A. J. Schofield, A. P. Mackenzie, M. Chiao, S. R. Julian, S. I. Ikeda, ..., C. Pfleiderer
2 2.84 41 2006/09/13 Electronic structures of layered perovskite Sr2MO4 (M=Ru, Rh, and Ir) S. J. Moon, M. W. Kim, K. W. Kim, Y. S. Lee, J. Y. Kim, J. H. Park, B. J. Kim, S. J. Oh, S. Nakatsuji, ..., T. W. Noh
3 2.73 136 2000/03/20 Quasi-Two-Dimensional Mott Transition System Ca2-xSrxRuO4 S. Nakatsuji, Y. Maeno
4 2.58 86 2000/09/01 Ground state in Sr3Ru2O7: Fermi liquid close to a ferromagnetic instability S. I. Ikeda, Y. Maeno, S. Nakatsuji, M. Kosaka, Y. Uwatoko
5 2.17 61 2007/01/30 Unconventional Anomalous Hall Effect Enhanced by a Noncoplanar Spin Texture in the Frustrated Kondo Lattice Pr2Ir2O7 Y. Machida, S. Nakatsuji, Y. Maeno, T. Tayama, T. Sakakibara, S. Onoda
6 2.10 74 1998/07/01 Crystal and magnetic structure of Ca2RuO4: Magnetoelastic coupling and the metal-insulator transition M. Braden, G. André, S. Nakatsuji, Y. Maeno
7 1.98 89 2006/03/03 Metallic Spin-Liquid Behavior of the Geometrically Frustrated Kondo Lattice Pr2Ir2O7 S. Nakatsuji, Y. Machida, Y. Maeno, T. Tayama, T. Sakakibara, J. V. Duijn, L. Balicas, J. N. Millican, R. T. Macaluso, ..., J. Y. Chan
8 1.92 25 2013/03/18 Determination of long-range all-in-all-out ordering of Ir4+ moments in a pyrochlore iridate Eu2Ir2O7 by resonant x-ray diffraction H. Sagayama, D. Uematsu, T. Arima, K. Sugimoto, J. J. Ishikawa, E. O'Farrell, S. Nakatsuji
9 1.71 69 2000/09/01 Switching of magnetic coupling by a structural symmetry change near the Mott transition in Ca2-xSrxRuO4 S. Nakatsuji, Y. Maeno
10 1.71 30 2011/05/02 Magnetic transition, long-range order, and moment fluctuations in the pyrochlore iridate Eu2Ir2O7 S. Zhao, J. M. Mackie, D. E. Maclaughlin, O. O. Bernal, J. J. Ishikawa, Y. Ohta, S. Nakatsuji
11 1.68 10 2015/12/14 Optical evidence for a Weyl semimetal state in pyrochlore Eu2Ir2O7 A. B. Sushkov, J. B. Hofmann, G. S. Jenkins, J. Ishikawa, S. Nakatsuji, S. D. Sarma, H. D. Drew
12 1.61 65 2004/01/06 Two Fluid Description of the Kondo Lattice S. Nakatsuji, D. Pines, Z. Fisk
13 1.41 23 2008/02/21 Spin dynamics and spin freezing behavior in the two-dimensional antiferromagnet NiGa2S4 revealed by Ga-NMR, NQR and μSR measurements H. Takeya, K. Ishida, K. Kitagawa, Y. Ihara, K. Onuma, Y. Maeno, Y. Nambu, S. Nakatsuji, D. E. Maclaughlin, ..., R. Kadono
14 1.36 22 2012/06/12 Continuous transition between antiferromagnetic insulator and paramagnetic metal in the pyrochlore iridate Eu2Ir2O7 J. J. Ishikawa, E. C. O'Farrell, S. Nakatsuji
15 1.32 18 2010/06/14 Strong Valence Fluctuation in the Quantum Critical Heavy Fermion Superconductor β-YbAlB4: A Hard X-Ray Photoemission Study M. Okawa, M. Matsunami, K. Ishizaka, R. Eguchi, M. Taguchi, A. Chainani, Y. Takata, M. Yabashi, K. Tamasaku, ..., S. Shin
16 1.23 74 2001/04/12 Structural and magnetic aspects of the metal-insulator transition in Ca2-xSrxRuO4 O. Friedt, M. Braden, G. André, P. Adelmann, S. Nakatsuji, Y. Maeno
17 1.23 48 2002/08/14 Intersite Coupling Effects in a Kondo Lattice S. Nakatsuji, S. Yeo, L. Balicas, Z. Fisk, P. Schlottmann, P. G. Pagliuso, N. O. Moreno, J. L. Sarrao, J. D. Thompson
18 1.03 68 2001/07/30 Spin-Orbit Coupling in the Mott Insulator Ca2RuO4 T. Mizokawa, L. H. Tjeng, G. A. Sawatzky, G. Ghiringhelli, O. Tjernberg, N. B. Brookes, H. Fukazawa, S. Nakatsuji, Y. Maeno
19 0.92 54 2003/04/02 Heavy-Mass Fermi Liquid near a Ferromagnetic Instability in Layered Ruthenates S. Nakatsuji, D. Hall, L. Balicas, Z. Fisk, K. Sugahara, M. Yoshioka, Y. Maeno
20 0.92 49 2005/08/05 Unpaired Electrons in the Heavy-Fermion Superconductor CeCoIn5 M. A. Tanatar, J. Paglione, S. Nakatsuji, D. G. Hawthorn, E. Boaknin, R. W. Hill, F. Ronning, M. Sutherland, L. Taillefer, ..., Z. Fisk