Papers by T. Jennewein

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 6.78 252 1998/12/07 Violation of Bell's Inequality under Strict Einstein Locality Conditions G. Weihs, T. Jennewein, C. Simon, H. Weinfurter, A. Zeilinger
2 4.95 141 2000/05/15 Quantum Cryptography with Entangled Photons T. Jennewein, C. Simon, G. Weihs, H. Weinfurter, A. Zeilinger
3 1.75 5 2011/12/22 How to implement decoy-state quantum key distribution for a satellite uplink with 50-dB channel loss E. Meyer-Scott, Z. Yan, A. Macdonald, J. P. Bourgoin, H. Hübel, T. Jennewein
4 1.23 9 2014/08/28 Spacetime effects on satellite-based quantum communications D. E. Bruschi, T. C. Ralph, I. Fuentes, T. Jennewein, M. Razavi
5 1.22 34 2004/01/09 Experimental Nonlinear Sign Shift for Linear Optics Quantum Computation K. Sanaka, T. Jennewein, J. W. Pan, K. Resch, A. Zeilinger
6 1.12 50 2003/11/26 Concentration of Higher Dimensional Entanglement: Qutrits of Photon Orbital Angular Momentum A. Vaziri, J. W. Pan, T. Jennewein, G. Weihs, A. Zeilinger
7 1.01 17 2011/04/13 Experimental generation of single photons via active multiplexing X. S. Ma, S. Zotter, J. Kofler, T. Jennewein, A. Zeilinger
8 0.88 49 2001/12/18 Experimental Nonlocality Proof of Quantum Teleportation and Entanglement Swapping T. Jennewein, G. Weihs, J. W. Pan, A. Zeilinger
9 0.53 17 2007/11/21 Experimental Test of Nonlocal Realistic Theories Without the Rotational Symmetry Assumption T. Paterek, A. Fedrizzi, S. Gröblacher, T. Jennewein, M. Żukowski, M. Aspelmeyer, A. Zeilinger
10 0.11 10 2013/07/26 Entanglement-based linear-optical qubit amplifier E. Meyer-Scott, M. Bula, K. Bartkiewicz, A. Černoch, J. Soubusta, T. Jennewein, K. Lemr
11 0.02 12 2009/04/20 Experimental violation of a Bell inequality with two different degrees of freedom of entangled particle pairs X. S. Ma, A. Qarry, J. Kofler, T. Jennewein, A. Zeilinger
12 -0.06 4 2012/07/18 Aharon-Vaidman quantum game with a Young-type photonic qutrit P. Kolenderski, U. Sinha, L. Youning, T. Zhao, M. Volpini, A. Cabello, R. Laflamme, T. Jennewein
13 -0.11 1 2015/11/30 Experimental quantum key distribution with simulated ground-to-satellite photon losses and processing limitations J. P. Bourgoin, N. Gigov, B. L. Higgins, Z. Yan, E. Meyer-Scott, A. K. Khandani, N. Lütkenhaus, T. Jennewein
14 -0.11 2 2015/06/02 Security loophole in free-space quantum key distribution due to spatial-mode detector-efficiency mismatch S. Sajeed, P. Chaiwongkhot, J. P. Bourgoin, T. Jennewein, N. Lütkenhaus, V. Makarov
15 -0.16 2 2015/05/26 Entanglement over global distances via quantum repeaters with satellite links K. Boone, J. P. Bourgoin, E. Meyer-Scott, K. Heshami, T. Jennewein, C. Simon
16 -0.20 0 2016/02/16 Certifying the Presence of a Photonic Qubit by Splitting It in Two E. Meyer-Scott, D. McCloskey, K. Gołos, J. Z. Salvail, K. A. Fisher, D. R. Hamel, A. Cabello, K. J. Resch, T. Jennewein
17 -0.28 0 2016/09/15 Creation of backdoors in quantum communications via laser damage V. Makarov, J. P. Bourgoin, P. Chaiwongkhot, M. Gagné, T. Jennewein, S. Kaiser, R. Kashyap, M. Legré, C. Minshull, ..., S. Sajeed
18 -0.31 5 2012/08/16 Longer-Baseline Telescopes Using Quantum Repeaters D. Gottesman, T. Jennewein, S. Croke
19 -0.32 1 2014/10/08 Converting one photon into two via four-wave mixing in optical fibers A. Dot, E. Meyer-Scott, R. Ahmad, M. Rochette, T. Jennewein
20 -0.54 0 2013/02/27 Optimal pair-generation rate for entanglement-based quantum key distribution C. Holloway, J. A. Doucette, C. Erven, J. P. Bourgoin, T. Jennewein