Papers by M. Matsumoto

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 2.80 68 2008/05/21 Quantum Magnets under Pressure: Controlling Elementary Excitations in TlCuCl3 C. Rüegg, B. Normand, M. Matsumoto, A. Furrer, D. F. Mcmorrow, K. W. Krämer, H. U. Güdel, S. N. Gvasaliya, H. Mutka, ..., M. Boehm
2 1.80 45 1999/01/01 Structural and magnetic phase transitions in shape-memory alloys Ni2+xMn1-xGa A. N. Vasil'Ev, A. D. Bozhko, V. V. Khovailo, I. E. Dikshtein, V. G. Shavrov, V. D. Buchelnikov, M. Matsumoto, S. Suzuki, T. Takagi, ..., J. Tani
3 1.67 5 2014/02/25 Spontaneous liquid-liquid phase separation of water T. Yagasaki, M. Matsumoto, H. Tanaka
4 1.64 59 2002/07/26 Magnon Dispersion in the Field-Induced Magnetically Ordered Phase of TlCuCl3 M. Matsumoto, B. Normand, T. M. Rice, M. Sigrist
5 1.00 59 2004/02/25 Field- and pressure-induced magnetic quantum phase transitions in TlCuCl3 M. Matsumoto, B. Normand, T. M. Rice, M. Sigrist
6 0.80 61 2001/11/30 Ground-state phase diagram of quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnets on the anisotropic dimerized square lattice M. Matsumoto, C. Yasuda, S. Todo, H. Takayama
7 0.70 57 2008/08/01 Deconfined Criticality: Generic First-Order Transition in the SU(2) Symmetry Case A. B. Kuklov, M. Matsumoto, N. V. Prokof'Ev, B. V. Svistunov, M. Troyer
8 0.64 12 2005/12/21 Randomly Diluted eg Orbital-Ordered Systems T. Tanaka, M. Matsumoto, S. Ishihara
9 0.63 47 2001/07/12 Spontaneous Hall effect in a chiral p-wave superconductor A. Furusaki, M. Matsumoto, M. Sigrist
10 0.44 31 1992/07/27 Nonlinear optical spectroscopy on one-dimensional excitons in silicon polymer, polysilane T. Hasegawa, Y. Iwasa, H. Sunamura, T. Koda, Y. Tokura, H. Tachibana, M. Matsumoto, S. Abe
11 0.16 25 2001/11/20 Plaquette-singlet solid state and topological hidden order in a spin-1 antiferromagnetic Heisenberg ladder S. Todo, M. Matsumoto, C. Yasuda, H. Takayama
12 0.13 13 1997/10/15 Experimental determination of excitonic structure in polythiophene K. Sakurai, H. Tachibana, N. Shiga, C. Terakura, M. Matsumoto, Y. Tokura
13 0.09 20 2005/12/19 Quantum Statistics of Interacting Dimer Spin Systems C. Rüegg, B. Normand, M. Matsumoto, C. Niedermayer, A. Furrer, K. W. Krämer, H. U. Güdel, P. Bourges, Y. Sidis, ..., H. Mutka
14 0.03 5 2014/03/26 Spin-Nematic Interaction in the Multiferroic Compound Ba2CoGe2O7 M. Soda, M. Matsumoto, M. Månsson, S. Ohira-Kawamura, K. Nakajima, R. Shiina, T. Masuda
15 -0.01 2 2015/04/29 Robust flat bands in RCo5 (R=rare earth) compounds M. Ochi, R. Arita, M. Matsumoto, H. Kino, T. Miyake
16 -0.02 22 2001/08/13 Site-dilution-induced antiferromagnetic long-range order in a two-dimensional spin-gapped Heisenberg antiferromagnet C. Yasuda, S. Todo, M. Matsumoto, H. Takayama
17 -0.08 10 1992/11/01 Solutions of the renormalization-group equations for minimal supergravity SU(5) grand unified theory and strong constraints on its parameters M. Matsumoto, J. Arafune, H. Tanaka, K. Shiraishi
18 -0.10 3 1996/10/15 Nature of one-dimensional excitons in polysilanes T. Hasegawa, Y. Iwasa, T. Koda, H. Kishida, Y. Tokura, S. Wada, H. Tashiro, H. Tachibana, M. Matsumoto
19 -0.11 0 2016/12/08 Publisher's Note: Monte Carlo analysis for finite-temperature magnetism of Nd2Fe14B permanent magnet [Phys. Rev. B 94, 174433 (2016)] Y. Toga, M. Matsumoto, S. Miyashita, H. Akai, S. Doi, T. Miyake, A. Sakuma
20 -0.11 10 2003/11/14 Microscopic model for the magnetization plateaus in NH4CuCl3 M. Matsumoto